Auto refund feature for CS-Cart

Auto refund feature allows a CS-Cart administrator to make a money refund to a customer when it is impossible to process an order.


  • “Make a refund” checkbox on editing order status page (Orders → Order statuses - > Edit order).
  • Once the administrator selects an order status with enabled “Make a refund” on orders details page (Orders → View orders → Edit), a customer gets an automatic money refund.
  • Works only for payments made via PayPal, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout.

The initial price of this modification separately for PayPal, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout was $520. Now we are ready to implement Auto refund feature for $360 for every payment method. If you need Auto refund feature for all methods at once (PayPal, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout), it will cost $840.

Please notice!

The modification price will be different from the stated above if you use CS-Cart v.4.

We do not sell this modification as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store that is why it requires individual adjustment. 

Contact us if you are interested in such a modification.


Pay attention to our ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart software.



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Unfortunately, we haven't adjusted this modification for Payflow Pro, some additional charge will be applied."

"Can this modification handle Payflow Pro?"

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