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Date added: 19/06/2012 Big promotion! Product designer add-on for t-shirts!

Dear friends!

We are launching a new promotion for our Product designer add-on!

We planned to buy promotional t-shirts for our team but changed our mind. Now we would like to offer you an exchange. We are exchanging Product designer add-on licence for 10-15 t-shirts for our team.

You print t-shirts with Alt-team logotype and send them to Russia, we give you the Product designer add-on licence with one year of free upgrade period! 

If you are ready to print t-shirts for us and get Product designer in return, don't hesitate to contact us. As soon as we discuss all details of this promotion and strike a deal, we will give a licence for you.

Promotion is valid for one person only! 

Best regards, Alt-team


This promotion is successfully ended. Thank you everybody who responded to it.