"Affiliate Reward" modification

CS-Cart “Affiliate Reward” modification is a great contribution for the users of CS-Cart Affiliate functionality. It allows to determine the nearest partner’s post index and reward him with a commission from the sale automatically. Thus it conduces to the relations’ development and strengthening between partners.


  • the nearest index is determined automatically with the help of the database post index;
  • the reward commission can be set in add-ons settings;
  • the reward will be paid over each product purchased;
  • the commission will be paid for the whole order including delivery cost and tax cost;
  • the commission will be paid one-by-one due to the ratios in case several partners have the same index (for example if 3 partners have the same index and their ratios are 2:3:1 then 2 of the six rewards will go to the first partner, 3 rewards will go to the second partner and 1 reward will go to the third partner).

Initial price of this modification for CS-Cart v.3 was $400.

Now we are ready to implement it for $250 (the price for CS-Cart v.4 may differ).


Please note! We do not sell this modification as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store that is why it requires individual adjustment.

Please, contact us if you have any questions about this modification.



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