CS-Cart "HTML5 Product designer" add-on


CODE: html5pd

Price: $545.00

This product is electronically distributed.

Please, note! 

Before installing the add-on, you must completely remove the flash version of the "Product designer" add-on.

HTML5 and flash versions of the add-on do not work together.

HTML5 Product designer tool HTML5 Product designer is a powerful tool for customizing products through website. It is a must-have solution for any CS-Cart store based on selling clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products that can be designed by a customer. This amazing rich-featured CS-Cart product design add-on allows customers to make their own design by choosing color, size, text, clipart, photo and buy the customized product through an online store on Cs-cart.
HTML5 Product designer
  • Administrator can:
    • create categories for cliparts and upload them;
    • create categories for different fonts and upload them; 
    • create a palette of colors that will be used for text and cliparts;
    • edit the custom design made by a customer on order details page.
  • On the product editing page Administrator can:
    • set some specific product side images (front, back, etc.);
    • specify different product side images for option variants;
    • specify the drawing area (canvas) and dimensions for this area;
    • set up more than one canvas per a product side;
    • set a cost per character or per line for the text fields;
    • set a cost per square centimeter or per size for a customer's photo;
    • set a cost per item for photos;
    • set up printing discounts on the design elements used;
    • set up the initial design for a product;
    • choose the color palette used for text, cliparts and background color;
    • set up the availability of the design tools (alignment, order, flip, rotation and other tools).
  • Customers will be able to:
    • add/edit text, change text font, size and color;
    • add cliparts, change clipart size and color;
    • upload and use their own images;
    • save their designs (on the product page, in "My account" section) and edit the saved design;
    • edit the design after adding a product to the cart.
  • Also
    • administrator is able to generate .png and .svg images for printing. Please, note! Svg files not compatible with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.


This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.

This add-on work on mobile devices.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 4.x.