CS-Cart modules

Alt-team offers ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart shopping cart system. All our modules and add-ons have a detailed description, documentation and step by step installation instruction. To estimate all features, you can try each CS-Cart module on our demo site. Moreover, we constantly improve our products and release new versions.

If you can't find a CS-Cart add-on that meets your requirements, we will be glad to develop it for you.

CS-Cart "HTML5 Product designer" add-on

CODE: html5pd

Please, note!   Before installing the add-on, you must completely remove the flash version of the "Product designer" add-on. HTML5... More

CS-Cart "Quick search" add-on
This  Quick search add-on is specially developed for CS-Cart 4 . It extends the standard CS-Cart search functionality and allows customers to type... More

CS-Cart "Redirect to Sitemap" add-on
Enter your price: $
This is a free CS-Cart add-on that you can get for a zero price. All Alt-team free add-ons participate in the charity program. If you like... More

CS-Cart "Easy scroll pagination" add-on

CODE: scroll pagination

“Easy scroll pagination” add-on allows customers to use easy scrolling while viewing the long list of products or website content. You can... More

CS-Cart "Banner's text" add-on

CODE: banners text

"Banner's text" add-on gives you an ability to add a title, a text and even a link inside banners on your main page. Features: ability to add a... More

CS-Cart "Variant images" add-on
CS-Cart Variant images add-on allows you to assign several images for each of your option variants. For example, if your customer selects a black... More

CS-Cart "Product Locations" add-on

CODE: Product locations

$49.00   $39.00
Cs-Cart "Product Locations" add-on  displays product addresses on Google map in a new tab on the product page in the storefront. If you have a... More

CS-Cart "Multiple deals Plus" add-on

CODE: multiple deals plus

NOTE. Buying CS-Cart "Multiple Deals Plus" add-on, you get CS-Cart "Animated Adding to Cart" add-on free of charge. CS-Cart "Multiple deals Plus"... More

CS-Cart "RollOver image" add-on
CS-Cart "RollOver image" add-on adds a nice change-image effect to your images in a product grid/list on category pages and in product blocks. It makes... More

CS-Cart "Cache for Anonymous Users" add-on
NOTE: You can't use this add-on, if you can not provide us with the SSH root access. CS-Cart Cache for Anonymous Users add-on allows you to... More