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Date added: 22/02/2011 CS-Cart "Product designer" add-on will be released on March 10, 2011

CS-Cart "Product designer" add-on will be released on March 10, 2011

“Product designer” is a tool that any custom printed products website needs. This fully-featured software allows visitors to create their own Design and choose color, size, text, clipart and photo.

  • 1. The add-on is currently compatible with CS-Cart 2.1.3.
  • 2. The add-on will have the following modes:
    • t-shirt mode (will work for all apparel types and garments);
    • sticker mode (vinyl graphics, lettering and printing);
    • engraving mode (engraving and printing businesses);
    • fixed mode.
  • 3. Administrator will be able to:
    • upload cliparts, set a cost and create a category for them;
    • upload fonts;
    • create a palette of colors that will be used for text and designs.
  • 4. On the product edit page Administrator will be able to:
    • choose one of the product modes: t-shirt, sticker, engraving or fixed;
    • set some specific canvas images (front, back, etc.);
    • specify different canvas images for option variants;
    • specify the drawing area and dimensions of this region;
    • set a cost per character (or per line in fixed mode);
    • set a cost per square centimeter of a customer photo;
    • specify the initial design for product;
    • set the color palette used for text and graphics;
    • set up the availability of the managing tools (alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation tools);
    • switch between themes.
  • 5. Product with a modified design can not be added to the wishlist.
  • 6. Customer will be able to edit and scale text, change fonts and colors, add cliparts.
  • 7. Customer will be able to upload and use their images.
  • 8. When ordering a printed product .png image will be generated.

Release's price will be about USD 250 You may purchase the add-on right now for USD 150