CS-Cart reviews

April 25th, 2011
CS-Cart reviews

This article is to sum up reviews about general CS-Cart features to give an idea about what CS-Cart is and what it is able to provide you with. As there are always different points of view about the same subject, we couldn't help citing two of them: developer's and customer's one.

What is CS-Cart?

The definition you give to things usually reflects your general idea and impression about the thing. So, what do people say when writing a review about CS-Cart:

Customer's point of view.

“CS-Cart is also very user friendly for the customer.” [2]

“Personally, my overall impression of CS Cart is very good...”[1]

“The advantages of CS Cart that I personal found useful was the Admin Control Panel.”[6]

Developer's point of view.

“On the coding end, CS Cart is beautifully designed and modularized PHP.” [5]

“CS-Cart is a mature product with lots of great features.”[4]

“CS-Cart is designed for easy deployment – in our tests, setup and install was a breeze”[7]

We are not going to describe any technical features of CS-Cart, there are other articles about it in our blog. Here we'd like to highlight some options that users (customers and developers) find especially good and useful.

CS-Cart price

The main thing about CS-Cart, according to user's opinion, is its low cost for the provided features.

“To be honest, up until recently I had been somewhat suspicious of the quality of CS Cart. I figured that at $285 there had to be something wrong…. it’s just far too cheap for the features on offer.”[1]

“CS-Cart is written in PHP using the Smarty Template Engine, and although it is commercial software (which I might add is very reasonably priced at $265US) it does come with full source code so you can find your way around it.”[2]

Every person starting his own online business finds something special useful in CS-Cart features. It always depends on the needs user have and on the aims he sets himself.

CS-Cart features

Flexibility – CS-Cart is suitable for business of any size: it's possible to add as many products as you wish.

“Unlike other providers, the software allows you to add an unlimited number of products and categories to your catalog. Fortunately, large product catalogs are pretty easy to manage via the bulk product management or the import/export tools.[1]

CS-Cart block management system which allows to move, add or delete blocks to change the look of the store is highly appreciated by most users.

“Positively THE most powerful part of CS-Cart is found in its ‘Blocks Management...The blocks manager seems to be almost infinitely flexible and even allows certain blocks to be only shown on specific product or category pages.”[2]

An opportunity to create completely independent add-ons allowing to improve web-store features and functionalities is also very popular among users.

"Additionally, the many add-ons that can be enabled with the click of a button are a big plus, including bestsellers, comments and reviews, customers also bought, gift certificates, gift registry, and live help. Also, the cart loads quickly, even when all the add-ons and tables are enabled."[3]

Administration panel is one of the doubtless advantages of CS-Cart. It makes quite an easy task to manage a web-store for people without special programming knowledges. Most changes are possible to be made via Administration panel.

“The admin control panels allows you to conveniently change themes, add content, setup SEO, edit/add categories, edit/add products, and much more.”[6]

CS-Cart support – technical support is for sure very important feature which any business owner wants to receive together with shopping cart. CS-Cart provides to users an opportunity to get technical support through Customer Help Desk.

“With your initial purchase you will have access to all major and minor updates for a period of 12 months. If you wish to continue receiving these updates after this time period it will cost $49.50 per year. Your initial purchase will also provide you with either 30 days or 40 credits of technical support.”[1]

“The courteous, professional and efficient staff is one of the biggest strengths the CS-Cart has. No matter what the question or request, the staff is always swift to assist.” David Finley is CEO and founder of World Net Enterprises Inc., in Murfreesboro, Tenn.[3]

“I’ve set up CS Cart for a few clients, and their Helpdesk ticketing system works really nicely. I’ve logged several support tickets, from the obvious, to the very complicated. In each case, they’ve responded quickly, and, honestly–they really knew what they were talking about!” [5]

CS-Cart community which you can find on the CS-Cart forums http://forum.cs-cart.com/index.php is another way to get technical support either from CS-Cart Support team or from third-party developers, as well as from other more experienced users.

“It is very impressive to see that there is a strong and enthusiastic crowd of people using CS Cart. The discussion forums are busy and full of helpful and encouraging advice.”[1]

Other CS-Cart features

Among other features appreciated by both customers and developers there are:

  • one-page checkout;
  • guest checkout;
  • using of AJAX;
  • etc.

“CS-Cart is a mature product with lots of great features. You clearly get the feeling that it’s been evolving over the years and a huge amount of work has gone into it. You certainly wouldn’t want to try and re-create this functionality from scratch unless you have a massive budget. A couple of features that I particularly like are “One page checkout” and “Guest checkout” (which allows people to check out without registering).”[4]

“A one-page checkout, tasteful use of AJAX, and sophisticated built-in features such as a targeted newsletter system puts CS-Cart a cut above the average cart.”[7]

Summary – there are of course some flaws in CS-Cart, but general impression in reviews is mostly positive.


“I will definitely be looking at purchasing a license in the near future and have no problems recommending people check it out.”[1]

“Do you plan on continuing to use the cart?” - Finley: "Yes. We plan to possibly add as many as 15 additional CS-Cart shopping sites."[3]

“Summing it up, I really wanted to write a long post about CS Cart, because I appreciate how much care has been put into this software. It is one of the nicest-designed web apps I have seen, and, as I said, e-commerce is not easy! I want to see them do well!” [5]

“CS CART so far is amazing!”[1]

“It’s certain that in coming years this increasingly popular product will grow to be a dominant player in the shopping cart industry.”[7]


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