CS-Cart upgrade

CS-Cart upgrade

We offer professional CS-Cart upgrade service that includes CS-Cart upgrade to a new version.

If the files of your store have been changed, you may experience difficulties while upgrading your store to a new released version. We are ready to help you in this situation.

To upgrade your store, you should provide our specialists with Cpanel access (or FTP access) to your store.

The upgrade process is as follows: 

  • first, we make the complete copy of your store,
  • then upgrade it taking into consideration all changed files so that they could function flawless on your upgraded website,
  • replace your store with the upgraded copy.

This process allows you to keep your store working during the upgrade.

As a result, you get the upgraded online store with all custom modifications and changes made earlier.

Depending on the number of changed files, upgrade service cost starts from USD 280. Upgrade process usually takes 1-7 days.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in this service.