CS-Cart Website Optimization

Website must be fast in loading, Google said it in 2010. Since that time the responsible business owners aim at the page load speed increasing.

We can not be indifferent to this problem. Many online shops on Cs-Cart system became fast and quick with the help of our developers.

In addition, under Cs-Cart Optimization service, our specialists will set up the server configurations.

Every website is estimated by our specialists carefully and after this examination, we could provide you with the price and the delivery time.

Having a great experience in Website Optimization on the base of CS-Cart system, we developed:

  1. A ready-to-use CS-Cart add-on“Cache for Anonymous Users” that boost your page load speed for unregistered users.
  2. 2. CS-Cart modification “Page Load Speed Optimizer” that allows you to redirect some of the queries to MySQL database by means of Memcache server. This approach also increases your page load speed.

Contact us and get a high-quality website optimization service.

Best regards, Alt-team.