April 25th, 2011


CS-Cart shopping cart software is designed to create web stores. It is considered as a standalone software due to integration of hooks which allows to create completely independent add-ons without changing web store core files.

CS-Cart – it’s multi-functional script of the store, developed with PHP program language and data bases managing system MySQL. Under its development there were also used:

  • JQuery, including active usage of Ajax technology
  • Smarty
  • XML

CS-Cart features

Active usage of Ajax technology is what allows to reduce traffic and improve the interface convenience, without need to reload page.

One page checkout makes the process of filling the order quick and understandable.

Automatic goods tracking on the stock allows to control easily the stocks.

Advertising options are an effective way to attract customer's attention. You have a possibility to set up promotions on certain goods, specify the dates of their availability, give discount coupons to your customers which can be sent by e-mail or by post.

The Return system gives an opportunity to set up the return of the goods. Flexible return policy considers both your and your customer's interests.

Wish list allows customer to inform his friends and relatives about the important events to come (wedding, birthday etc) and presents he would like to get.

Due to Blocks management it's possible to move, delete, create additional information blocks (special auctions, a list of bestsellers etc.)

CS-Cart has more than 50 integrated payment systems (including credit cards, electronic money), moreover if you need to integrate some other payment systems, it's possible to do it.

Flexible extra charges system provides you with the possibility to attach them to certain shipping method, exact products or even to specific shipping address.

Built-in affiliate program allows you to sell goods with the help of your partners on their sites for reward.

In the Administration panel of the store there is “Statistics” tab which gathers together the information about your web-store – the most popular customers requests, browsers they use, their behavior and other.

Extended import/export functions allow you to move information about orders, products, customers.

This was only a short description of CS-Cart shopping cart software features. You can find more information in our E-commerce blog section E-commerce software as well as in the Knowledge base articles.

You can try CS-Cart demo version here.


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