"Distance shipping" (shipping per mileage) modification

Distance shipping modification calculates the shipping cost depending on the distance from the store location to the delivery location. In the storefront customers see a final shipping cost depending on the distance.


  • the ability for the administrator to choose a distance type - a kilometer or mile;
  • the ability for the administrator to set up distance dependencies. For example, more than 100 km - $20, more than 200 km – $40;
  • the distance from one point to another is calculated according to Google maps API.
  • Two location points are considered – your store location (how it is specified in the online store settings – Company address) and the point of delivery as specified by a customer.

The initial cost of this modification was $380.

Now we are ready to implement this modification for $200 (if you use CS-Cart v.4, the price will differ).

Please note! We do not sell this modification as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store that is why it requires individual adjustment.

Contact us if you are interested in such a modification. 


Pay attention to our ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart software.



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