How to create recurring plan

In order to create recurring plan in CS-Cart shopping cart software, follow the instructions below.

  • Sign in your administration panel;
  • Go to the Orders tab;
  • Follow the Recurring plans link;
  • Click on the Add plan button on the right of this page;
  • Fill in the fields in the opened window:
    • Title - Type the name of the recurring plan.
    • Recurring period - Choose the period: depending on how often you charge your customers and the payments should be made. For example:
      • Annually, quarterly, monthly – in case you choose this option depending the first day of the chosen period can be the day of payment.
      • Weekly – in case you want to receive payments weekly, you can choose any day of this week.
      • Custom subscription period – you are allowed to specify any period (e.g. 14 days), the day of payment can be any day within this period.
    • Pay day – Specify the day when you want the payments to be made.
    • Recurring price - the sum you charge your customers with which will be paid on the pay day. You are able to choose one of the following options:
      • original product cost;
      • to percentage of the original price;
      • by percentage of the original price;
      • to fixed amount;
      • by fixed amount.
    • Recurring duration (months) – how long the period of payments will last.
    • Recurring start price - sum you want to charge on the pay day during the opening subscription period.
    • Recurring start duration - duration of the initial period in days or months.
    • Recurring note - Note or description of the recurring plan which will be displayed in the storefront.
    • Allow customers to set up duration – If this check-box is ticked, customers will be able to set up the subscription period themselves.
    • Allow customers to unsubscribe - If this check-box is ticked, customers will be able to cancel their subscription.
  • Go to the Products tab in the same window;
  • Follow the Add products link;
  • Tick the check-box opposite to the necessary product;
  • Click on the Add products and close button;
  • Click on the Create button.

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