How to import Product Data from CS-Cart Version 1.3.4-SP3 into CS-Cart Version 2.0

If you need to import product data from CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3 to CS-Cart version 2.0, follow the instructions below:

1. Export product data from CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3:

  • Sign in the administration panel of your CS-Cart version 1.3.4-SP3 store;
  • Go to the Catalog side box on the left;
  • Follow the link Export catalog in the Catalog side box;
  • Specify the following settings:
    • If you don't want to export product images, disable the Export images option;
    • Specify a delimiter for CSV file in the CSV delimiter select box;
    • Click the Export button under the CSV delimiter option;
    • Save CSV file to your local computer.

2. The saved file should contain only the column names supported by version 2.0. In order to do this change the following things:

  • With a spreadsheet application (e.g. MS Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc) open the CSV file.
  • Remove the following columns together with all contained data:
  • product_id
  • Change the column names of the first row like this:
  • product_code -> Product code
    avail -> Available
    manufacturer_id -> Manufacturer
    list_price -> List price
    amount -> Quantity
    min_amount -> Min quantity
    weight -> Weight
    shipping_freight -> Shipping freight
    is_edp edp_shipping -> Ship downloadable
    tracking -> Inventory tracking
    free_shipping -> Free shipping
    feature_comparison -> Feature comparison
    zero_price_action -> Zero price action
    price -> Price
    product -> Product name
    short_description -> Short description
    full_description -> Description
    meta_keywords -> Meta keywords
    meta_description -> Meta description
    page_title -> Page title
    main_category -> Category
    thumbnail -> Thumbnail
    detailed_image -> Detailed image
  • Save the changes in the file.

3. The changed file should be imported to CS-Cart 2.0 version.

To import file to CS-Cart 2.0 version read the article How to import products to CS-Cart store




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