HTML5/JS Product Designer donation

October 17th, 2013

Hello everyone,

Updates: Donation process is closed!!!

The HTML5, JS Product designer project is moving forward!

Recently we have shown you the sketches and functionality overview of a new Product designer. And now we are ready to move to the next step - we start the donation process today!

Please, pay attention to the table below, it shows the donation amount and your benefit.


 Your donation amount   Discount on a new Product designer license
 $100  20% discount on a new Product designer license
 $250  60% discount on a new Product designer license

 100% discount. You will be granted a license after the development is completed.


Now it is difficult to say the exact cost of a ready HTML5, JS Product designer after the development is completed, but it will be definitely more than $1000.

The scheduled release date is April 2014.

Please, click on the button below to make a donation.You will be transferred to the pre-sale product on our site.

Donate button

Thank you for your involvement in this project. We will make it possible together!

All questions are welcome in the comments to this blog post, at cs-cart forums, at pd@alt-team.com.




"Hello Lili,
Sticker mode will be not be available in the first Product designer version but it will be added in one of the next release versions. Engraving mode is not planned so far but it can be done as a custom modification or we will include it in the default functionality if more users ask us about it.
Sure, all donators will get free upgrades during one year starting from the moment of an official Product designer release date."



Is sticker mode going to be available in this new version (if so, only square and rectangles)

When will engraving mode be added to the addon.

Do donaters get free updates for a year?

We're a printing company and might be interested in donating."


"Hello Richard,

Yes, Admin will be able to upload a photo template for customers. The idea to offer attractive pre-installed templates is a good one and probably we will include such templates but in the long-term future. Currently, we have a list of other features that are more necessary for the users of this application.

Royalty payments and their management is also a good idea that can be implemented in the future or for an extra charge.

Kind regards!"



Two questions

Many online greeting card business allow artist to upload new card designs, will your software do this, also keep track of royalty payments?

I understand we will be able to upload photo templates for customers – could you offer pre-installed attractive templates for an additional charge? - The software would be a ready to go package, this would help purchasers, also could be good for your business.

I have been very happy with software purchased from you in the past, and look forward to the new.

Thank you



"Hello Lloyd,
We do our best to issue the test version in the end of April - beginning of May. The official release will be in May. We apologize for shifting our timescales but as the project is a complex one, we have to cope with several unexpected issues."


"Any news on the test version?"


"Hello Pavel! The version for testing will be available for all donators in the end of March - early April. The official release of the Product designer HTML5, JS is planned in the end of April. The development is up and running. Some work still needs to be done and several issues need to be fixed before the test version release."


"Hi, could you please let me know the status of developing and if it any demo available to try?
Thank you"


"I can only say Alt-team always delivers what they say. I know this will also be a kick ass add-on to your and our store. Keep up the good work guys and girls ;)"


"Hello John!
1. The new product designer, HTML5, JS will be better in usability than our Flash, it will also include several features that are not available in Flash such as vector pdf output, ability to share your design to facebook/twitter, quick preview of a design. But, please notice, in the first version of HTML5, JS Product designer will not be included such features as custom shape canvas (only square/rectangular canvas will be available), arc tool, it may also differ the settings regarding the price calculation per a square cm, a line, some others probably. All these features are planned to be added in the next versions.

2. Our Flash Product designer and HTML5, JS Product designer are absolutely different products (structure, logic, technologies used). Thus, it is not supposed to transfer the data from the Flash designer to HTML, JS one."

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