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Date added: 27/02/2012 Hurry up to purchase T-shirt/Product designer!

Dear clients!

We've re-evaluated our prices for the first time and are planning to increase prices on Product designer addon and software packages which include this module from 15-th of March, 2012. It will be $100 increase.

New price on Product designer add-on will be 350 USD instead of current 250 USD.

New price on Product designer software will be 550 USD instead of current 450 USD.

New price on T-shirt designer software will be 536 USD instead of current 436 USD.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing Product designer add-on or software packages, hurry up to get them for a current price till 15-th of March.

We've tried to keep relatively low prices as long as possible and apologize for raising prices but we have to do it.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our products and promise to keep good work going.