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Date added: 19/10/2017 RIF. Technologies Forum 2017

Some news from the recent RIF Technologies Forum, 2017.

In today's post, we are going to narrate about the recent RIF Technologies Forum that we visited on September, 30.

RIF Technology is a regional IT conference, organized for the exchange of experiences between Russian IT specialists.

The most successful IT companies' owners and their best employees held roundtable discussions, gave speeches and run conferences.

There were several thematic workshops on the Forum: 

  • Technology for everybody
  • Web-development
  • Development for mobile devices
  • Planning and Design
  • Contractors and Subcontractors in IT area
  • IT for kids
  • Management Process in IT

We found Web development and Planning and Design are the most useful and interesting workshops for us. Many IT masters shared their experience by telling about their successful and unsuccessful cases. The analysis of mistakes in their complex projects was a clear example how IT companies shouldn't work. Well-known PHP developers and web designers gave the precious pieces of advice how to work more effectively. 

As this conference was organized for technical specialists mostly, our PHP developers gained important knowledge about the modern technology and trends. 

It's been less a month since the RIF Forum, but we have already tried to implement new knowledge on practice.

We do our best in mastering our skills for your business success.


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