Latest CS-Cart modifications

You are welcome to check out the latest CS-Cart modifications implemented by our team. We have made this list for your comfort. If you find something suitable for your business, please let us know it. The development of a modification from the list below will take us less time than initially, that's why the modification price will be cheaper.  

Please notice! Every modification requires individual adjustment that is why we do not sell them as ready-to-use modules

If you haven't found the necessary CS-Cart modification from the list below, we will be glad to develop it for you. Just contact us to get a free quote.

Price by Country for CS-Cart New!

It is a useful tool that gives you the ability to set different prices for one product depending on the visitor country.

Mega Drop-down Menu for CS-Cart New!

It is not an ordinary drop-down menu, the products in the menu panel are divided into groups of options. You can organise the products or products categories in the menu panel according to your demands.

CS-Cart integration with Brightpearl New!

Our team has implemented the integration of Brightpearl with CS-Cart allowing CS-Cart owners to use the Brightpearl service with comfort and ease.

City choice feature and separate product stock per city New!

This is a complex CS-Cart modification that can be useful if you have one online store and several brick and mortar stores with different product availability in different cities.

Product offer in a side menu for CS-Cart New!

This modification allows you to display one product (on sale offer, best offer, best seller, any product) on a third level of a side menu.

CS-Cart location specific pop-up with a redirect url New!

This CS-Cart modification may be useful if you have several online stores with different domain names and each store is targeted for users of certain countries.

Order in 1-Click for CS-Cart Released as a ready-to-use add-on!

The user just clicks one button, enters his name and a phone number and the order is automatically created.

Gift product configurator (Add to box) modification 

This CS-Cart modification allows customers to create product boxes with the selected products.

“Shops on the map” CS-Cart modification  

This CS-Cart modification allows you to add a block with Google or Yandex map with the detailed information about your shops located in your area.

"Page Load Speed Optimizer" modification 100% proven effect!

This modification allows to redirect some of the queries to MySQL database by means of Memcache.

"Product packages" modification

This CS-Cart modification allows the administrator to create a bundle of different products that will be sold as a separate product.

“Product Review Email” modification  Best value!

This modification allows customers to leave their product reviews by filling a ready-made review form sent by email.

”Request a call” modification  Best value!

This CS-Cart modification allows to add "Request a call" button to product details pages of your store and manage call requests in the admin back-end. 

Reviews tree modification  Released as a ready-to-use add-on!

This CS-Cart modification allows you to comment on reviews of another shoppers and displays all reviews in a tree (parent/child) format.

New Store Locator for CS-Cart 

This modification is another representation of an in-built Store locator functionality.

Vertical categories menu style  Released as a ready-to-use add-on!

This modification allows you to create vertical categories menu where subcategories are displayed in columns. The number of columns is set by the administrator in the admin back-end.

Additional products

It is a convenient CS-Cart tool if you sell products and additional items or accessories for them.

Import of product reviews from Yandex.Market 

This modification allows you to import product reviews from Yandex.Market into CS-Cart.

CS-Cart image gallery Will be released as an add-on soon!

This CS-Cart modification allows admin to create image galleries and display them in the storefront like it is done in social nets. 

“Abandoned Cart E-mail Reminder” modification

This CS-Cart modification allows you to send e-mail notifications to customers who have added a product into a Cart but haven't completed the checkout process.

Google trusted stores configuration

When shoppers see the Google Trusted Store badge, they know they’re visiting a reputable store and they can feel confident making a purchase.

"Reward points for registration" modification

This modification allows customers to get reward points for registration on the site by entering the coupon codes on the registration or profile page.

"Extended categories" modification

This CS-Cart modification allows you to add products in such categories as New arrivals, Bestsellers and Coming soon in your CS-Cart online store automatically.

"Affiliate Reward" modification

This modification allows to determine the nearest partner’s post index and reward him with a commission from the sale automatically.

“Changing order status in bulk” modification

This modification allows you to change the statuses of several orders at once.

Categories block as a tree structure  

This CS-Cart modification allows to create a block for Categories where relationships between the categories/subcategories of the menu are shown as a tree structure.

“Category Import/Export” modification  

This CS-Cart modification allows customers to export or import the necessary categories.

”Detailed orders” modification 

This CS-Cart modification allows to add additional information such as image, price, product code, quantity and chosen options to the order, giving the administrator the possibility to look through the full orders information quickly and comfortably.

”Customer photo gallery” modification 

CS-Cart “Customer photo gallery” modification allows customers to upload their own product images that will be displayed on a product details page or any other page in a block.

”Multiple blocks” modification

This CS-Cart modification is a great possibility to present the popular products included in the promo blocks in a new way.This modification advertises these promo blocks on any page of the site by displaying them as tabs in a separate block.

”Shop by vendors” modification for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

This CS-Cart modification is a good contribution to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. It allows to add A-Z block to any webpage of the site giving customers a possibility to search for products by their favourite vendors easily.

“Subcategories page” modification

CS-Cart “Subcategories page” modification is a new way to display subcategories. It allows you to add a short description and an image under any necessary subcategory.

Distance shipping modification

This CS-Cart modification calculates the shipping cost depending on the distance (kilometers or miles) from the store location to the delivery location.

WOW Slider integration with CS-Cart

If you are looking for an attractive slider for your CS-Cart online store, WOW Slider, developed by wowslider.com, looks like a good choice. 

Fractional product quantity

This CS-Cart modification can be a good contribution to online stores selling products that can have a fractional value quantity.

Product slider modification

"Product slider" modification helps to draw customer's attention to certain products.

Margin Statistics modification

This CS-Cart modification counts the absolute profit margin on sales according to the supplier/purchase price and the online store product price. 

Global filter for products and their accessories

This CS-Cart modification allows you to set up a global filter to filter accessories that belong to certain products.

Google currency updater

This CS-Cart modification can be useful for online store owners who need to update currency rates in the store automatically.

Admin product currency select box

This CS-Cart modification may be useful for CS-Cart owners who purchase products for stock in different currencies and want to set a price in a currency of the original purchase.

CyberSource Integration

We have implemented a basic integration of CyberSource payment gateway into CS-Cart system.

XE integration. Currency rates update

We have implemented CS-Cart integration with XE system that provides automatic currency rates conversion.

Choice of delivery date and time

This CS-Cart modification allows customers to choose a delivery date and time for their order on product details page.

Auto refund feature for CS-Cart

Auto refund feature allows administrator to make a money refund to a customer when it is impossible to process an order. Works for payments made via Paypal, Pay Pal Pro, Google Checkout.

United orders

This CS-Cart modification allows administrator to combine several orders from one customer in one final order.

Single stock for products

It is a useful CS-Cart modification if you sell the same product under different product names (for example, cloned products).

“Sale”/ Your own icon for products under promotion

This CS-Cart modification adds an icon with text “Sale” to products included into a certain promotion.

Fedex/UPS/USPS/USPS Endicia shipping labels generation

We have developed a CS-Cart modification that allows to generate Fedex/UPS/USPS/USPS Endicia shipping labels.

Checkout block

This CS-Cart modification adds a block where customers can see products added to the cart and click checkout to place an order. Suitable for CS-Cart 2.2.4 and lower versions.