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Date added: 17/02/2011 Multishop will be released on March 1st, 2011

Multishop is designed to manage several stores via one administration panel.

General features

1. Multishop will be made as an addon for CS-Cart Professional 2.1.3 as well as for the following versions. If necessary we'll be able to configure Multishop for earlier versions 2.* of our clients web stores for extra pay.

2. Multishop main feature – one administration panel and several customer areas.

3. Multishop general instance schema:

  • Main shop (uses Main shop database + shared objects from Main shop database);
    • Main admin panel;
    • Customer area (any skin);
  • Shop (Shop database + Shared objects from Main shop database);
    • Customer area (any skin);
  • Shop (Shop database + Shared objects from Main shop database);
    • Customer area (any skin);
  • ...

4. Details:

  • Multishop represents multiple shops separately installed on one server and associated into one system by virtue of one access to databases.
  • One of these shops will be set as a primary (its database will be used as the master one).
  • Through the primary store administrator will able to set up which objects will be shared, which ones won't be.
  • Other shops will have their own local databases and take shared objects from the primary store (master database) as well as local objects from the local database.

Terms explanation

Shared objects are general objects for all web stores, which are kept in the master database. It will be possible to specify a shop where each of these objects should be displayed. For this purpose there will be added Multicheckboxes with stores choice on the details page of the relevant object.

Local objects – are objects of the non-primary shops in Multishop.

Objects – are Categories, Products, Usergroups, Users, Taxes, Shippings, Payments, Pages, Blocks, etc.

5. Through the main administration panel it'll be possible to make changes in all other stores associated into Multishop. For this purpose there'll be additional Selectbox with store choice in the administration panel.

6. Client will be able to use different skins in different shops.

7. Orders are also available to be configured for keeping in the primary store as well as in the local shops.

Terms of use

Obligatory term:in order to configure Multishop a client should have several stores, installed on one server, stores databases should be attached to one user.

Release's price will be about USD 200

You may purchase the addon right now for USD 150

Beta version is expected on February 21, 2011

Additional offers

Multishop adaptation for earlier CS-Cart versions will cost starting from USD 90 depending on your store version.