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Date added: 28/01/2013 New version of the Product price calculator add-on is released!

Dear friends!

We are glad to announce the release of a new "Product price calculator" add-on version.

This version includes several new features that add a certain value to this product:

  • Ability for the administrator to set maximum and minimum limits for the numbers entered by a customer.

  • Ability for the administrator to enter a formula description that will be displayed in the storefront for customers below a product title.

  • Ability to apply a formula to a bunch of products at once. Notice! only a formula without options can be applied correctly.

With the release of the new version we had to increase the add-on price. Now it is $199. This is a final price for this product and we do not plan to change it.

You are welcome to learn more details and try demo here.

Please notice! Currently we have a promotion - if you buy two add-ons $150 or more you get 10% discount of your order. Thus, if you buy the Product price calculator and one more add-on from our team, you will get a pleasant discount.


Best regards, Alt-team