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Date added: 29/01/2013 New version of the Shop by Brands add-on is released!

Dear friends!

A new version of the Shop by Brands add-on is ready!

New features include:

  • A setting to display a brand name and logo or just a brand name on a product details page and in a product grid and list. After clicking a brand you will be redirected to the brand page where all products of this brand are shown.

  • A setting to display brand letters in a block - you can display all letters (A-Z), all letters (A-Z) but inactive/unused letters will not be clickable or you can display only active letters. For example, if you have products by brands started with A, C, G, N, M, only these letters will be displayed in a block.

  • Ability to choose or enter your own alphabet.

  • Brands on a page "All Brands started with X" can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

With the release of a new version we had to increase the add-on price. Now it costs $69.

Detailed description, documentation and demo are available on the Shop by Brands add-on page.


Best regards, Alt-team