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Cosmeticlab - Magento Project

Cosmeticlab.ru is a webstore based on Magento version 2.1.

We were applied to create a logo and individual design for this website. Our designer was under instruction to make attractive but simple sketches for a Magento store that sells brand cosmetics. It should be in the manner of minimalism. The webstore visitors' attention shouldn't be overloaded by any extra colorful features on the frontend except the products images. It was the main oriention given us by store owner.

After the finished layouts were approved by the customer, the mock-ups were handed over the integrator who completed the task by performing the quality coding on Magento platform. Our integration developer is an experienced specialist, so any technical issues were solved due to the best approaches in programming languages.

We spent nearly 2 weeks on logo and design creation. Then, it took around a month on design integration process.

  • Individual design
  • Magento development


Puzzle is universal and popular gift for any special event. Various jigsaw puzzles are sold on PuzzlesPrint. They even can helps you turn any photo into a custom jigsaw puzzle and pack it as a present.

We were hired to make some integrations with CS-Cart CMS.

First, we have integrated the web-to-print service PixlPark with CS-Cart. PixlPark is a cloud-based service for printing companies. This service is a solution in USA, UK, Russia, and Turkey. We placed PixlPark photo editor frame on Product Page on the frontend. After the client completes the photo editing in the frame, the result will be added to cart and the cart page opens. The information about this order will be passed to PixlPark as the order is placed.

Then, we have created the modifications: DHLand UPS Shipping Labels.

These modules allows to generate the DHL and UPS labels for the shipping services pointed above. The store administrator has an ability to change add-ons settings and fields for labels before its creation. Labeles are also created automatically if the order status changes to proceed.

Also, we have integrated CS-Cart with payment method Trustly due to official documentation. Trustly is a Swedish company that is quite popular in European countries. Now it is integrated with CS-Cart by Alt-team.

  • CS-Cart custom development


Jolisi is an online retailer that offers an amazing customer service, reasonable prices and fast shipping. They strive to build long lasting customer relationships.

Jolisi applied to us for design integration, Bright Pearl integration and some custom developments for Cs-Cart store.

Design integration.

The client chose a design on Vivashop. We integrated this theme with Cs-Cart taking into consideration website aspects and features.

Bright Pearl integration.

Bright Pearl is a cloud-based business management application that is quite popular among online shop owners because it integrates a range of different business functions including accounting, CRM, inventory management, helpdesk, POS and others. Our developers created a modification that integrates BrightPearl with CS-Cart system.

Filter by Colors and Selector functionality.

We added an ability to sort products by color by developing the user-friendly filter that divides all products into 8 color groups. Each color group has a tooltip where all hues are listed. That makes searching products by color simpler and faster.

Selector addon is also one of the most important thing. There are many technical devices are for sale on Jolisi. But each device has a range of accessories that are compatible only with this product. Our Cs-Cart selector functionality allows web-store customers fit together the selected product and some accessories that they can find on sale on Jolisi store.

Brands and icons in a menu.

The distinguished menu with icons and brands in it was not a difficult issue for our team as we have already had a similar modification "Mega-Drop down menu". As it is not a ready-to-use addon, the developer spent some time to integrate it with client's store on Cs-Cart.

Webstore maintenance.

Our developer reviewed the code and updated the website. Webstore optimum performance was also one of the aspects of our team.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
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Vape-online is a unique e-store on CS-Cart platform, that was created for Russian vapers, people who use personal vaporizers.E-liquids, bottles, cases and accessories are for sale on vape-online.

During the project, the design integration was made.

Our developer has been working on header and footer blocks, homepage and product page. Also, the very interesting sliders on category page and on homepage have been created by our design integrator.

  • CS-Cart design integration

Decotick and Black&Milk

Decotick and Black&Milk are impressive websites offering furniture and ready-made interior design solutions. They have much in common and partially use the same modifications. Alt-team's work on these websites was done within the dedicted hours.

Firstly we made a responsive design integration and applied the given mock-ups.

The bright and colorful interior photos were comlemented by the tags highliting the furniture pieces and showing the price.

Some products listed in the store are available on partners' websites and have an affiliated link instead of the standard "Add to cart".

We also made the checkout process simpler.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
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Altayka is a CS-Cart store with products made from Altai birch. 

When the store owner applied to us, only a PSD layout was ready. With great pleasure, we traversed the subject with the client and our integrator started the project. His task was to integrate the mock-up in CS-Cart store with client's demands in mind. The website had to have an adaptive design, so our integrator took it into consideration and performed adaptive coding. 

  • CS-Cart design integration

Lakeland paints

Lakeland paints is a UK store offering a wide range of paint and varnish materials.

We started with the integration of the provided mockups and then continued with a number of improvements to let customers choose the necessary paint easier.

A separate page allows to see all the colors and then specify a paint type/finish and other features.

Also you can calculate how much paint you need with the help of the paint calculator which provides different figures per each paint/varnish type.


Also our team heavily modified the shipping calculator as well as some tools in the admin panel and made lots of small tasks within the dedicated service.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • CS-Cart dedicated service


SuperPokupka is a Russian store that specializes in bathroom equipment, lightening, and other household goods. While working on this project, our team integrated the design as well as made a number of modifications, one of which allows to put products of a certain brand into collections. We also created individual pages for brands and collections.

As a part of creating a new layout Alt-team has performed:

  • * modification of the default scroller for products and categories;
  • * added colored sale labels which color depends on the discount percentage;
  • * unique categories catalog;
  • * modification of the checkout page added validation for fields and tooltips;
  • * automatic division of a user's input info (name, address) to separate fields in the database, autofill of some fields;
  • * compatibility with Retina display is improved;
  • * the layout is completely responsive (some blocks were redeveloped for mobile touchscreen devices);
  • * modification of the horizontal menu.
  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration