Alt-team created the new individual concept for a printing company that offers a great variety of products. Here and Now company aims to bring some colours into people's lives so the design must suit the idea.

The new website is currently under construction and design integration is coming.

  • Individual design
Fweety main page
Fweety main pagefweety homefweety product


We'd like to present you the design project on Magento.

Fweety is one of our big projects. It is supposed to be an online marketplace in the end. Every customer will have an ability to create their own shop on the base of Fweety and sell the products. There will be a lot of interesting features that will mark the Fweety among the other marketplaces.


  • Magento development
dexpel - homepage
dexpel - homepageT-shirt customising


Dexpel™ is Pakistan leading company in quality personalized products. There are a huge number of products that are supposed to be customized by the clients: from customized garments to designed skins, from home decor to office products. Dexpel uses our Product Designer tool for several years and year by year their business is growing.

  • CS-Cart flash development
CS-Cart upgrade
CS-Cart upgradeCs-Cart sampleCs-Cart product page

OZU shop

OZU shop sells a great range of surfboards, surf accessories and wetsuits in Spain. Their shop is based in Tarifa town, where surfing is a part of a lifestyle and almost every little child can balance on a surfboard.

We helped them to make their website be more compatible with the rivals. The upgrading CS-Cart database to 4.2.4. process makes their website faster and easier in managing. As Cs-Cart 4.2.4. is one of the latest version, it has its pluses. 



  • CS-Cart custom development


Penoxal.com is a webshop for one product. Penoxal product is a bioactive supplement with anticancer activity. 

The website is operated on Cs-Cart v.4.2.3.

Our design integrator contributed his best practice knowledge to this project. He provided the client with a professional design integration and custom support service and our company got a happy and loyal customer. 


  • CS-Cart design integration


DFI.ua  is one of the most successful store, that sells replacement parts and accessories for laptops in Ukraine. They gave good account of themself on IT market because of high-level requirements to their service quality. We have done:

  • The module "Compatibility". This module allows the client to offer the buyer the products, which are compatible with the product on an active page. Thereby, it is easy to choose replacement parts and accessories with each other. Ties between the products are created by import a special file.
  • Simplification of the registration;
  • The module "Buy in 1 click";
  • The expension of the functionality in the product search;
  • The modifications of the interface (replace, remove and add some fields with data);
  • Adding new product statuses(out of stock, expected to come in stock soon, in stock), and adding the ability to import product statuses via special file;
  • The module "Top sellers";


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
  • CS-Cart support
  • CS-Cart SEO optimization

Online Shop

Logo design work

  • Logo design
BuyBlindsDirect main
BuyBlindsDirect main


BuyBlindsDirect is a web store of Swift Blinds. It is a family run business and they care of the company's success. So they choose Alt-team to work on their online shop.

We have done:

- unique design creation;
- CS-Cart design integration;
- a custom modification: Product Price Calculator. As it is impossible to sell blinds by piece, we faced an issue to develop a price calculator that will be convenient for customers and accurate in the accounts. We succeeded in it and now you may estimate our work;
- other custom development.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration