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Logo design work

  • Logo design
BuyBlindsDirect main
BuyBlindsDirect main


BuyBlindsDirect is a web store of Swift Blinds. It is a family run business and they care of the company's success. So they choose Alt-team to work on their online shop.

We have done:

- unique design creation;
- CS-Cart design integration;
- a custom modification: Product Price Calculator. As it is impossible to sell blinds by piece, we faced an issue to develop a price calculator that will be convenient for customers and accurate in the accounts. We succeeded in it and now you may estimate our work;
- other custom development.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration

History Website

Website History.jes.su is an online magazine that is popular with history students, teachers or history amateurs. The magazine offers the paid articles on different topics about history and history science. Here you may buy the subscription to the issues or the separate articles that is written by famous history scientists. You may also suggest your own history article for the publication in the issue. If this article meets the approval, it will appear in one of the future issues.

History.jes.su is our long-lasting project. We are working with this website using CS-Cart dedicated service since July 2014 till the current moment.

The main problem of the project was that fact that it was a heavily modified version of CS-Cart. Many standard features were deleted or changed by previous CS-Cart developers and our Alt-team developer faced with the necessity to restore some default features of CS-Cart. 

Lots of modifications were made during this project, but we will tell you about the main issues.

We have moved this website to new hosting, added the ability to subscribe to issues and articles of the magazine, improved different sorting features, added many new fields and deleted some fields on the registration page, added social buttons on the products pages and the pages with the articles, implemented the quick transliteration method from Russian into Latin using the button, made the page for the IP editing with the range and netmask (it helps to control the access to the files) and etc.

In addition, some SEO job was implemented here to improve website positions in the search engines and to attract more subscribers.


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
  • CS-Cart SEO optimization
modazone main
modazone mainModazone product pageModazone category pageModazone checkout page


We are always aimed to customer's ideas.

In this project the goal was to make the website similar to the target website that the customer has shown. We  tried to meet all client's demands and we like this project a lot.

Our designers were working with the custom design and our design integrator turned this design into a reality.


  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration
moobitalk main
moobitalk mainMoobitalk price difference


On the one hand, it is quite a simple project. Our CS-Cart design integrator makes such projects every business day.

On the other hand, the key point of this project was in the additional modification - the price should be depended on the website visitor's IP. 

The result is Alt-team excellent work and the happy CS-Cart customer.


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration


Cybermall is a low-cost store chain in the Russian Far East. Cybermall doesn't need shop assistants or showcases thus it can afford offering really low prices. Our team performed this project from scratch. We suggested to Cybermall's management and then realized a number of measures to improve positions and conversion in search engines. We dedicated special attention to website optimization therefore Cybermall can show really impressive results while heavily loaded. Among other tasks we integrated ERP Navision (starting from quantity and price import from Navision to exporting orders and users to Navision). We had a very serious work with this project and are proud to have in our portfolio.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
  • CS-Cart support
  • CS-Cart SEO optimization


Cintamani is an impressive clothes shop for adults and kids. We have done:

  • Complete website upgrade from CS-Cart 2.1.4 to CS-Cart 4.1.2.
  • Skinning (design integration).
  • Our team has developed several custom modules for this project among which are Facebook block and Video manager add-on.
  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
Magento Configurator
Magento Configurator

Tiles Configurator

This is a complex project developed for the Magento platform.

Work done:

  • Tile configurator for designing tables and other flat surfaces.
  • Ability to create your own tile design or choose from a predefined collection.
  • Ability to choose the necessary tile type, drag and drop tiles to a designing area, delete and rotate tiles to get the desired look.
  • Ability to choose a table frame color specified by admin and see the changes in the designing area.
  • Ability to save the created design and e-mail it to a friend.
  • Pop-up instruction how to create a design and the Help button at hand.
  • Ability for admin to set an extra charge for a customization and for frames.
  • The created design is shown on the cart contents and the order details page.
  • Filters to search for designs from available collections.
  • Magento development