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Date added: 10/02/2012 "Product designer" add-on version 1.0.6 has been released

The Product designer add-on version 1.0.6 is available. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes:

  • The photo uploading was improved.
  • The ability to display color palette without scrolling was added.
  • The ability to display clipart element without initial color was added.
  • The ability to set a cost for a letter per space unit was added.
  • Corner radius feature for images was added.
  • The ability to edit photo position in photo area was added.
  • Layers panel was added.
  • The ability to set a photo area in T-shirt and Sticker modes was added.
  • Font categories were added.
  • Displaying of clipart panel was fixed.
  • Generating of PDF document was improved.
  • Displaying of some specific types of cliparts on canvas was fixed.
  • Links to previews of design at order page in customer area was added.
  • The ability to set a cost per item for photos was added.
  • Setting which disables price displaying was added.
  • Minor bug fixes.

You are welcome to try demo and purchase the add-on on this page.