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Date added: 26/03/2012 "Product designer" add-on version 1.0.7 has been released

Dear clients!

The Product designer add-on version 1.0.7 is available. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes:

  • The speed of printable files generating was increased.
  • The ability to save/open design was added in the customer area.
  • The photo uploading module was improved.
  • Product cloning was fixed.
  • Search by cliparts was added in the administration area.
  • The ability to change color and transparency of canvas border was added.
  • Warning about low resolution of photo was added.
  • The ability to change line spacing for text and letter spacing was added.
  • The ability to change corner radius for canvas was added.
  • The ability to use cliparts in the "Fixed objects" mode was added.
  • Greek and Russian translations were added.
  • The colors were displayed incorrectly in the palette. Fixed.

You are welcome to try demo and purchase the add-on on this page.