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Date added: 01/10/2014 Product Designer HTML5+JS Released!!!

Our Dear Friends,

We are extremely happy to announce you about the Product Designer software based on HTML5+JS release.

E-Commerce Product Designer software is a universal tool for making custom products in your online shop by hands of customers. Online Product Designer by Alt-team is a feature-rich and powerful online solution for small business that is aimed on selling the custom t-shirts, hoodies, caps or business cards. In addition, it is not important what eCommerce platform you have. E-Commerce Product Designer software could be integrated with any shopping cart: CS-Cart, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and even Joomla and WordPress. A short presentation about the Product Designer software is available here

Creating the Product Designer software, we have been thinking about our clients convenience. In the same time this tool is made for ease of your customers. Please watch the video tutorials and you’ll appreciate the benefits of Product Designer interface for you and your shoppers.

Moreover, we don’t intend to stop on the achieved stuff. We are going to improve our E-Commerce Product Designer. If you have any ideas about the Product Designer improvement, do not hesitate to type them on our UserVoice page.

We check this page often and the most popular ideas will be realized in the Product Designer upgrades.

To crown it all, the price is very flexible.

Alt-team company offers you 2 methods of the Product Designer using:

  1. Buying a licence. USD 1500

In case you buy a licence you get:

  • Alt-team E-Commerce Product Designer package;
  • Ability to download free updates during the first year;
  • All instructions for Product Designer installation and usage (text and video files).
  1. Buying a subscription. USD 75/month

This variant may be convenient for people who want to check the new software or people who have started this printing business recently or people who use SaaS eCommerce platforms, for example Shopify or Magento Go.

In the case you subscribe the Product Designer software you get:

  • The ability to connect your online shop with Product Designer software that is located on our cloud server;
  • Perfect work of the Product Designer Software (we guarantee to fix all bugs, if there will be bugs, in a possible short  time);
  • Always updated Product Designer software as we will first update the Product Designer software on the subscription basis, then we will make all updates packages available for the licence users;
  • As usual all instructions about the managing the Product Designer software will be available for the subscribers (text and video files).

Please remember that we tried to create a real cool and effective software for personalizing the products in online shop by its customers.

Any feedback is welcome.

Contact us via email manager@alt-team.com or via the contact form.



Best regards, Alt-team.



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