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Product designer software is a ready-to-use ecommerce solution for people who wish to start and manage a fully-featured online store with possibility for customers to create their own design for t-shirts, caps, shoes, bags, mugs, mobile phones cases, stickers, greeting cards, create custom calendars, engravings, etc.


By purchasing this package you will get all-in-one shopping cart CS-Cart and Alt-team product design tool Product designer add-on based on flash technology.

We offer:

  • a special competitive price for a Lifetime Domain License,
  • the complete website will be hosted on your server.


General Features for customers in screenshots

Add/edit text, choose text font, size, position and color

Add/edit cliparts, choose clipart color, size and position

Add/edit text Add/Edit cliparts

Upload your own images, change size and position

Create an engraving
Upload images/photos Create an engraving

Create sticker design, change sticker size

Create sticker design  


General Features for administrator

Specify sides for product design

Add fonts in swf format, create font categories

Add view/sides Add fonts in swf format

Add cliparts, create clipart galleries

 Create color palettes
Add cliparts Create color palettes

Choose a canvas shape

Choose a theme for Product designer decor

Choose canvas shape Choose a theme for Product designer decor


We also offer custom development service for extending CS-Cart functionality. If you need extra Product designer features, please contact us, we will consider adding useful features in the next add-on version. Also feel free to ask us any questions related to Product designer software. We will be glad to help you. 

We are ready to help you start your custom design online store business with comfort and ease!

Please remember that we can make any changes in this add-on due to your demands.