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Date added: 20/08/2014 The 3rd beta version of the Product Designer HTML5+JS released.

Dear Friends!

We'd like to show you the third beta version of our Product Designer HTML5+JS.

NOTE Chrome browser is recommended for testing. In addition, please, clear the browser cache before beta testing.

  1. Storefront http://test.dev.alt-team.com/pd
  2. CS-Cart admin panel ttp://test.dev.alt-team.com/pd/admin.php?dispatch=auth.login_form&return_url=admin.php
  3. Product Designer HTML5+JS admin panel http://pd.alt-team.com/admin/login
  • Login:admin@admin.com
  • Password: admin

Have been done:

  • price functionality;
  • ability to change the interline interval;
  • change the text adding way;
  • tooltips.

In progress:

  • ability to export design in .pdf and .jpg formats;
  • different small tasks.

The Product Designer HTML5+JS will be released in the middle of September.

Be aware that we are still waiting for your suggestions. Use this link to contact us.

Moreover, we have opened a page about Product Designer on UserVoice service. Please, visit this page and explain your ideas about the Product Designer improvement.

Thank you a lot for visiting our news page. We are going to keep you informed about all changes in the Product Designer HTML5+JS project. Please, stay tuned.

Best regards, Alt-team.



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