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Top 5 Promotional Products that are popular in 2017

November 12th, 2017

Any business costs nothing without any advertising. Entrepreneurs want to have very successful marketing programmes but not everybody is ready to pay much for it. Top 5 promotional products you have to keep in mind in 2017! These are must-have products for sale in a print-on-demand company. Don't forget the Pareto Principles that 20% of products brings 80% of the benefit in business. 





Let's examine some statistic facts about the effectiveness of the promotional products!

  • 85% of people owned business gifts were able to remember the name of the advertiser company.
  • 87% of people use merchandise items for longer than 7 months.
  • 79% of people who got the promotional things are positive about doing business with that company.
  • 53% of people use items imprinted with company-related slogans or logo at least once a week or more.
  • Promotional products attract more referrals than an appeal letter.

Entrepreneurs prefer to order giveaways for special occasions: trade forums and exhibitions, presentations, business breakfasts, meetings or shows. 

Top 5 Promotion Products popular for 2017.

1. Bags with logo - first place due to impression!

Bags are the most common thing to be branded. Promotional bags can deliver 1038 impressions per month. Why are they so popular and loved by clients? First, there are many different brochures, leaflets and marketing stationary client gathered on every business events. Bags are the items that help clients to bring all materials to a hotel and got some reading in a quiet place. Second, the good quality bags can be used for the day-to-day activity and be an excellent advertisement. The effectiveness of merchandise bags is proven by customers needs.

2. Promotional T-shirts

 This kind of merchandise apparel is a leader! A t-shirt is a win-win situation for marketing. Customers like the comfortable clothes. They are ready to wear it that makes them a walking advertisement for the business. Usually, these promotional items are distributed free of charge among the company's workers to introduce all employees as one unified group at different events and to stand them out from the crowd. Sometimes promo t-shirts can be a joke ones. People love funny pics and phrases that's why some promo design ideas become viral and get more impressions and popularity not because of a brand name, but because of its funny idea. We all remember t-shirts with Disney Micky Mouse or Rolling Stone Tongue.  

Theoretically, promotional shirts can deliver 365 impressions per month. 




3. Customized Headwear

This kind of merchandise items has a third result of the impressions impact. It can deliver 476 impressions per month. Caps, Bandanas, Hats, Beanies, and Visors can become a powerful advertising tool in hot and cold countries during outdoor events.

4. Different types of Calendars

Calendars are the popular choice among the promotional items even in today's online world. It tells the date with a single glance and keeps the company name and logo in front of customers eyes indoors. Usually, the market demand for calendars is rising rapidly at the end of the year. It is the time when the publishers can make a great profit on custom designed date charts that are branded with a corporate logo.

5. Writing Instruments — pens, pencils, markers, brushes, erasers and etc.

Annually, around $1,6 billion is spent on this kind of souvenirs. The main arguments why such a big amount of marketing money goes to writing instruments are their usefulness and effectiveness. Writing tool is the universal thing and it suits all customers' ages and gender. Moreover, pens don't cost a fortune, it's cheap to logoed it and pen is the thing that is always in demand despite the modern technic revolution. 

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