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Alt-team's consultations on exhibitions "Ideal home" and "Clean water"

October 25th, 2019

Have you ever thought on how to sell doors or windows on Internet? Sure that if you produced this type of products, you have an idea to search clients online. But there are few samples of really great online stores of this specific goods. 

So, we took part into exhibitions "Ideal home" and "Clean water" in the famous Kazan Fair area. 

Kazan Fair building

Kazan Fair

Ideal Home exhibition

Kazan Fair plan


Alt-team company were presented by 4 specialists: Ildar (general manager), Evgeny (senior developer),Usman (junior developer) and Elena (promotion manager).

Alt-team developers

Alt-team manager

As we have lots of cases on CS-Cart connected with furniture, lighting, construction materials, paints and others goods connected with the topic "Ideal home". Unfortunately, we have few projects on water filters and complex systems of water cleaning process, but we have found solutions that will work well for their online business. Hope that in some months we can include in our portfolio an amazing case on CS-Cart on clean water theme. 

Talking about the exhibition "Ideal home", we met lots of people who have or plan to lauch an online shop for their products.

kitchenware shop

Chalk paints shop da.budet.cvet


We consulted people on how to promote commercial websites on Internet and how to open online shop from scratch. We offered the feature-rich and cheap variant for stylish, adaptive, user and admin friendly commercial website based on CS-Cart platform. 

Working with CS-Cart since 2010, we have an anomous number of projects based on this amazing shopping cart in the portfolio. So, we shared with our exhibition's neighbours with the most succesful and famous projects.


For example, we talked more about online shop of concrete factory where we had created several complex calculators on how to help website visitors calculate the number of bricks they need to build a house, garage, any other buildings and what vehicle the customer need to deliver this number of materials to the construction place. 

In conclusion, it was a great experience to meet entepreneur offline and talk to them, tring to solve their main problems in online business. We hope that some of them will use our recommendations and their business will grow dramatically. 


Contact us, in case you need some advice on opening online shop.




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