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Best E-commerce platform

May 11th, 2011
Best E-commerce platform

E-commerce is a term for selling products over the Internet. This way of business became possible due to the various e-commerce platforms. Best e-commerce platform should perform many features:

- keep all you content and product information;

- make accepting payments easier;

- help to promote your goods;

- meet security standards.

Nowadays the choice of E-commerce platforms is so wide that it is not easy to choose the best one. Here are four tips to help you choose the best e-commerce platform.

Tip #1: You should know what size you business will be. The best e-commerce platform will allow you to create the store of any size: from small shop with dozens of product to a huge shopping mall with thousands of goods and different vendors. May be today you intend to sell only several products, but you never know how big you business will be tomorrow. For example, CS-Cart platform is very flexible in this relation: you can first sell only few goods, but easily extend your business in the future and even set up the Multishop add-on to join several different shops together for easy administration.

Tip #2: Don't believe words – try everything by yourself. All reputable e-commerce developing companies give a possibility to try their software before you purchase it. CS-Cart has several options here:

  • CS-Cart demo version. You can have a look at the store in action on-line. Remember, that any changes you do will be removed in an hour. Demo version is restored automatically.
  • CS-Cart trial. You may download it for 100% free, install on your own server and use for 60 days. This time is enough to understand if the software suits you. After that you can upgrade your trial by purchasing CS-Cart License.
  • CS-Cart Community which has a basic set of e-commerce features to launch your first web store or E-commerce project is a good choice to e-commerce newbies. You will get free e-commerce platform to quick start and upgrade it when your business grows up.

Don't buy any e-commerce software in case you aren't allowed to test out first.

Tip #3: Make sure you will be provided with their tech support. The best e-commerce platform should be ensured with technical support. With CS-Cart you have many ways to get help:

  • CS-Cart Help Desk – you can describe your problem and professional developers will answer you as soon as possible. You can address your question to CS-Cart as well as to third-party developers.
  • Knowledge base – a set of articles with the description of most popular problems you may face with.
  • CS-Cart community forum. CS-Cart has a friendly and responsive community of users and it is a big advantage of any e-commerce platform. On CS-Cart forum you will find support both of the users and developers.

Tip #4: Make sure the platform can support a number of payment options. The more payment systems choice you provide, the more sales you are likely to have. For example, CS-Cart has more than 50 integrated payment methods. 

In conclusion, it's worth saying that in order to find the Best E-commerce platform for your business, you should not definitely believe any advices, because as many people as many opinions, but do your own research and compare E-commerce platform's functionality with your needs and requirements.

Try CS-Cart demo to appreciate all features:










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"I use CS-Cart for a year already. It's a comfortable system with functionality I need for my business. Thanks Alt-team for your quality work. You not only do great modifications for us, you also provide us with useful info in your KB and on forums. Thanks!"

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