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Best E-commerce website

May 25th, 2011

Some time ago creating an E-commerce website could take a lot of time and thousands of dollars. Nowadays it's possible to launch your own website only in few minutes, not spending a dollar. But that's only the basic startup which is not enough to survive in the competitive world of E-commerce.

To take full advantage of the e-commerce opportunity, you'll have to make your site one of the best ones or at least able to competitiveness.

Ok, you've decided to improve your E-commerce website – next question arises: what does best E-commerce website look like? What is it distinguished for?

When you are looking for something really good, it's always not one thing that makes it best for you but a range of them.

So here are some things that E-commerce site needs to become the best one.


Should be creative – it's a key component for successful web-design and quite a rare thing over the net. If this case the customer who visited your website once will never forget it.

Design should agree with the specified task and the subject of the site. Of course, if you integrate a colorful design into a serious corporative site – this will look strange. E-commerce website should have personal style – that's what makes it unforgettable.


Content is a King – it's well-know statement and is mentioned everywhere. But it's true so can't help writing about it.

Choose the best content to make your best E-commerce website, informative, useful for your visitors, updated and unique. These conditions for the content are easy and obligatory.

Nobody likes the “dead” sites so updating the content is a rule. Also it's very important for the search engine. SEO optimization.

Unique content is a crucial component but optimization the pages of your website accelerates driving traffic to it. A search engine friendly e-commerce website will get more visitors. Besides, maintaining high quality content makes it easily indexed by the search engines.


The site is considered the best if it provides to users all the necessary information without making them fighting over-structured interface. The easier the way to the information is, the better impression visitor has from your site. Remember about when making “creative” design.


Tend to make your website as interactive as it's possible. Users like to take part in the site's work and when their opinion is taken into account by administrators and other users.

There are different ways that allow to make your site interactive: polls, contests, forums, blogs and other.

Another advantage of interactivity is that your site will be constantly updated even without your participation due to the users' activity. Moreover, the possibility of leaving review or comment allows to feel that they get the most complete and adequate information about products and services.


Best E-commerce website is the one which reacts to changes on an operational basis. Site should be updated in time. Administrators should add new information as soon as the users need it. This can be provided by quality Content Management System.

Finally, remember that first of all you E-commerce website is created to attract customers, so it should be oriented to their requirements and needs.



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