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CS-Cart modules

Alt-team offers ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart shopping cart system. All our modules and add-ons have a detailed description, documentation and step by step installation instruction. To estimate all features, you can try each CS-Cart module on our demo site. Moreover, we constantly improve our products and release new versions.

If you can't find a CS-Cart add-on that meets your requirements, we will be glad to develop it for you.

CS-Cart "Order export" add-on
CS-Cart "Order export" add-on allows exporting orders and its items to one file .  This module makes it possible to gather: order ID... More

CS-Cart "Pro Slider" add-on

CS-Cart "Slider Pro" module adds elegant and professional sliders of banners to an online store. It has very high speed of image loading and smooth animation.

CS-Cart add-on "Delivery Cost by Distance"

CS-Cart add-on Delivery Cost by Distance shows shipping rates due to the distance between company address or storage and customer's place.

CS-Cart "Multi-Vendor SMS notification" add-on

CS-Cart "Multi-Vendor SMS notification" add-on makes it easy to inform customers, vendors and store admins about order status changes. It provides a method for well-timed collaboration between the business, vendors, and customers.

CS-Cart "Password policy" add-on
A password policy is a set of rules that encourage the use of strong passwords for ensuring user data security.  The CS-Cart "Password... More

CS-Cart “Vendor Address” add-on
CS-Cart MultiVendor “Vendor Address” add-on  places the seller's address or location on pages: product pages; cart page.... More

"Product Description Generation based on Features" CS-Cart add-on

It inserts the feature values into special places in the text template. The store administrator can make different templates for products description and define where to put each feature value. One template could be assigned to some similar goods (for example: all laptops or smart watches). All Description templates are kept in Product menu -> Description templates section. 

CS-Cart "Facebook Share + Discount" add-on

The add-on makes it possible to give the customer a discount for sharing product on their Facebook timeline. The add-on creates a special button on each product page for sharing product on facebook and get a discount.

CS-Cart "Filter by Features" add-on

The add-on adds a filter field with a Search button on the product editing page in the Admin panel. 

CS-Cart "Free Product as Promotion" add-on

With this add-onthe store admin can define a free product that he can give customers for buying some products.