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CS-Cart modules

Alt-team offers ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart shopping cart system. All our modules and add-ons have a detailed description, documentation and step by step installation instruction. To estimate all features, you can try each CS-Cart module on our demo site. Moreover, we constantly improve our products and release new versions.

If you can't find a CS-Cart add-on that meets your requirements, we will be glad to develop it for you.

CS-Cart "Shipping Promotion" add-on

CODE: Shipping Promotion

"Shipping Promotion" add-on  allows you to give your customer some bonuses if they choose the certain shipping method. For example: you have an... More

CS-Cart "Advanced Add to Cart Button" add-on
CS-Cart Advanced "Add to Cart" button add-on is a simple solution to make the customer experience in online shop more convenient. The add-on allows... More

CS-Cart "Notifications effects" add-on
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CS-Cart "Notifications effects" add-on  is a simple add-on that adds attractive effects to the standard CS-Cart notifications in the customer area.... More

CS-Cart "Product Locations" add-on

CODE: Product locations

Cs-Cart "Product Locations" add-on  displays product addresses on Google map in a new tab on the product page in the storefront. If you have a... More

CS-Cart "Store Cities" add-on
If your web store caters to different cities of your country and you want to have each area rank well in their specific geographical place, Cs-Cart "Store... More

CS-Cart "HTML5 Product designer" add-on

CODE: html5pd

  HTML5 Product designer tool HTML5 Product designer  is a powerful tool for customizing products through the website. It... More

CS-Cart add-on "Dreamkas"
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CS-Cart add-on " Dreamkas " is a great free solution for the Russian market.  All necessary information is given in Russian on this page . ... More

CS-Cart "Simple Profit" add-on

CODE: simple profit

CS-Cart "Simple Profit" add-on gives you the ability to see profit calculation for every product or order in reports. Features of Simple... More

CS-Cart "Custom Redirect" add-on

CS-Cart "Custom Redirect" add-on automatically redirects customers from the 404 pages to the custom page, that is specified by an administrator. By default, all 404 error pages go to a homepage. 

CS-Cart "Order export" add-on
CS-Cart "Order export" add-on allows exporting orders and its items to one file .  This module makes it possible to gather: order ID... More