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CS-Cart MultiVendor Marketplace

February 6th, 2018

cs-cart multivendor marketplaceModern technologies change the world rapidly. More than 30 years ago the Internet became the publicity accessible thing. Nowadays, we can't imagine our life without gadgets that are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. So, the rules of our lives, business, marketing, and sale behavior are changed accordingly new trends. If we want to buy something, very often we look for it online. Moreover, we don't want to spend much time browsing many single stores, thinking about its security or reading the delivery terms on each of them. We just choose one big online marketplace and buy many very different items on it. As in a real life, huge shopping malls displace small unique shops, in the virtual space, marketplace resources displace small e-commerce websites.

So, being a successful online entrepreneur, you should pay your attention to the best solution for building an online marketplace. It's CS-Cart MultiVendor platform. 

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart MultiVendor shopping cart helps you to make an online shopping mall fast and easily. On this multi-store system, you're the administrator. You allow vendors selling the products in the store and you take commissions from them. It's like you have your own eBay.

Despite this multistore platform is an easy-to-use solution, it has plenty of functions that allows building powerful, modern e-commerce projects with a not limited number of independent sellers. All vendors are free to manage their sales through logically organized and user-friendly interface.Vendor cs-cart

Online shoppers feel the comfort making the purchases at one big multistore website as they see products from different independent vendors' stores in the same general catalog.

Thanks to this smart marketplace system shoppers place only one order and pay for it only once.

The order will be split between vendors by the shopping cart and every payout are recorded correctly and it is possible to track the payments for every single vendor.

Also, CS-Cart MultiVendor platform is convenient software not only for administrator and shoppers but for vendors too. They have an individual admin panel and can manage their separate store doing necessary settings, configuring shipping methods and many other functions that are supposed to do sellers in the multistore place.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor main features:

  • The absolutely different and independent sellers can register and sell various goods via the common storefront. CS-Cart MultiVendor

  • When a shopper purchase goods from the different seller, the one order is formed in the storefront. But it is automatically separated into several ones into the admin panel according to each seller.

  • The root admin gets all payments. Then the financial flows are distributed among the sellers due to the order records.

  • Payable amounts are tracked separately for every vendor that makes accounting process clear and structured.

  • There is an unlimited number of vendor accounts are possible in the system.

  • Each vendor has a separate admin panel where they manage the goods and adjust settings.cs-cart vendor settings

  • Only root admin has a full control over the whole store. He has an ability to control all vendors' actions.

  • Every seller can add their own shipping variants and customers select vendor-specific shipping methods at the checkout page and etc.

Buy CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license

Usually, CS-Cart MultiVendor license costs USD 1450, but Alt-team company has a unique offer for you:

The license on CS-Cart MultiVendor is USD 1250 on Alt-team store. It's a one-time fee. You get the license and 1-year access to update releases of this software. We are official resellers and can offer the cheapest possible prices to our clients.

In addition, we are ready to make any simple or complex modifications of this marketplace system. 


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P.S. News about Multi-Vendor Plus and Multi-Vendor Enterprise editions. 



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