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CS-Cart "Page Load Speed Optimizer" modification

CS-Cart "Page Load Speed Optimizer" modification allows you to redirect some of the queries to MySQL database by means of Memcache server. Unlike MySQL, Memcache memorizes all data in the core memory, that is why the database access will be faster.

Why do I need it?

Although there is no big problem on modern CS-Cart 4 versions regarding page load speed, you may be upset of slow CS-Cart work in case you have a really big store with thousands of products. 

So, you have lots of goods for sale, the pages' load speed became slow, especially if you have different complex modifications and third-party modules in your store. Memcache allows to immediately deliver the data without referring to MySQL. That is going to make the online store performance better and customers don't notice any page speed issues on your website.

This solution is a great variant to make CS-Cart faster and user-friendly and put your store in the green zone of Google PageSpeed Insights service.


  • allows to cache the data for category pages and product detail pages;
  • give an ability to cache the data for blocks;
  • redirect some of the queries to MySQL database by means of Memcache server.


  • In the add-on settings, you specify how often to clear Memcache.
  • There will be a checkbox in the Blocks options - "cached block", select it to cache the block info. It is recommended to select this checkbox for such blocks as Bestsellers, Hot deals, etc.



  1. You should have a server with Memcache support and the necessary amount of available data depending on the number of products.
  2. It is necessary to make core files changes due to the solution, that's why we will need a temporary FTP access to your server for installation.


"Page Load Speed Optimizer" mod is installed within 5-6 business days after a purchase.


Pricing: $400 for all CS-Cart versions (from v.2 to v.4)

Please note!  We do not sell it as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store to make it faster. It requires individual adjustment.

Please, contact us if you want to make CS-Cart store faster.


Pay attention to our ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart software.



"I have this modification on my CS-Cart 2.2.5 website.

My biggest category has 274 products displayed on one mega page:


From my office desktop with a 2 MB DSL...

BEFORE this modification downloading time was 15 seconds.

AFTER this modification downloading time is now 3 seconds.

5 times faster. Perfect."

"Hello Stephen!
We can implement such a modification for any CS-Cart version, for CS-Cart 2.1.4 as well. Pricing will be the same as stated on the page. Thank you for your question."


Is there any version of this compatible with 2.1.4?


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