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CS-Cart Shopping Cart

May 30th, 2011

CS-Cart shopping cart is a representative of a range of software solutions used in E-commerce.

CS-Cart shopping cart is a software allowing to make purchases online. It helps to launch and run a webstore, to place products with pictures and description, to divide them into categories, sort by price, manufacturers, etc. With the help of shopping carts customer can examine the product's information, choose the necessary items for purchase and place them in the cart. The customer's cart is a place where all the chosen products are collected.

When the customers decides to buy items, he goes to the checkout page, where the CS-Cart shopping cart software calculates a total sum for the order, including shipping, handling charges, discounts, and other.

In general, two main categories of shopping cart software exist:

Licensed software: The software is purchased by paying one-time fee, then is downloaded and then installed by user on a Web server. The main benefit of the licensed software is that the merchant owns a license, can access the source code and customize the application by himself.

Also there is a possibility to get updates from developer's company by paying some fee, or get additional tools, add-ons and modules.

Hosted service: The software is provided on conditions that is paid monthly/annually and located on a provider's hosted service. It is quicker way to launch your own webstore. There is one disadvantage – limitation of templates and customization possibilities.

CS-Cart shopping cart software represents a licensed software. It is provided with hooks system allowing to create completely independent add-ons which gives an opportunity to customize the webstore.

Together with CS-Cart shopping cart software lots of options are available such as:

  • more than 50 payment methods;
  • marketing tools (promotions, discounts, affiliate program);
  • built-in content management allowing to create and manage all types of web content (static pages, surveys, newsletters, contact forms, graphic and text banners, customer testimonials, etc);
  • real-time shipping rates;
  • and other.
  • One of the main advantages of CS-Cart shopping cart is add-ons which provide for free a variety of options you would pay additional fee with another shopping cart software.


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