CS-Cart "Vendor sms notification" add-on

CODE: vendor sms

Price: $59.00

This product is electronically distributed.

CS-Cart "Vendor sms notification" add-on is specially developed for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor edition. It allows vendors to get sms notification when an order with their product(s) gets a certain order status. On-time sms notifications help to deal with orders faster and, thus, this creates a positive online store reputation.


  • ability for vendors to choose whether to receive SMS or not; 
  • once an order with a product gets a status (open, processed, canceled, etc. set by a root administrator), vendor gets an sms with an order_id and custom text written by an online store root administrator;
  • root administrator chooses at what order status an sms gets sent to a vendor;
  • sms service provider details are specified by a root administrator;
  • the correct order_id parameter is selected automatically.

This add-on is integrated with Clickatell sms service provider.

By your request we can integrate any sms service for you for additional $50.



The Vendor sms notification add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor v. 3.0.x., 4.x.



This add-on will be delivered to you during one-two business days from the moment of purchase.

Remember that we can make any changes in this add-on due to your demands.

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