Dwolla payment gateway for CS-Cart

CODE: Dwolla

Price: $99.00

This product is electronically distributed.

Dwolla payment module for CS-Cart  integrates your store quickly and securely with the Dwolla payment network. Payments are captured in a real time as part of the standard checkout process.

Dwolla module for CS-Cart is developed and integrated according to the documentation provided us. The module implements only basic integration and doesn't include recurring billing and refund process.

Dwolla is a popular payment gateway in the United States of America. It securely connects to the bank account and allows people to send and receive money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less.



You need to have a Dwolla account.



This add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Professional 2.2.х.

We will adjust this module for CS-Cart 3.0.x. after the payment is done.



1. The Dwolla module for CS-Cart 2.2.x will be delivered during 1-2 business days from the moment of purchase.

2. The module for CS-Cart 3.0.x will be delivered within 3-5 business days from the moment of purchase.

Contact us if you have any questions.