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Google rich snippets and their SEO effect

July 17th, 2012
Rich snippets

SEO methods and secrets are being widely discussed on the Internet but one interesting SEO technique is usually ignored. If you are obsessed with your website SEO, consider the possibility to add Google rich snippets markup to your site.

Several months ago we have issued the “Google Rich Snippets” add-on for the ecommerce system CS-Cart and now we are pleased to see how this add-on helps our clients stand out from the competition in the Google search results.

Buy CS-Cart for the lowest price

April 4th, 2012
CS-Cart stores

Alt-team is an authorized CS-Cart Reseller.

From the very beginning of our work we offer the lowest price for CS-Cart Professional. It's our company policy to provide only quality products and services at affordable prices.

We were keeping the lowest possible price for CS-Cart Professional 2.2.4 – USD 236. Soon, it will be a great release of new CS-Cart Professional 3.0. Absolutely new storefront design and additional features make this version even more competitive against other available shopping cart solutions. Again, Alt-team offers the best discount price for CS-Cart 3.0 – USD 305. You pay once and have all rights to use the software for unlimited period of time on a single domain name.

New idea - “Build your outfit” add-on

March 28th, 2012
Product designer outfit

Notice! The first basic version of "Build your outfit" tool is ready! More details and demo are available here

In this article, we would like to share our new idea for CS-Cart and Magento based online stores. Product designer add-on developed by our team gave us an inspiration to develop a new functional flash module – “Build your outfit” module. As far as we can see, it can be a great tool for online clothing store owners or owners-to-be.

According to our idea, the “Build your outfit” add-on will represent a tool that will enable customers to make their own outfit online by putting together different clothes and accessories to get the desired look.


CS-Cart Professional 3.0 coming soon

March 23rd, 2012
CS-Cart 3.0.1

CS-Cart community is waiting for a promising release of CS-Cart Professional 3.0. This version is pretty much ready, most bugs are fixed, just needs a little more time for a perfect performance. There is no an exact release date but according to expectations, new CS-Cart Pro will be available for purchase in April, 2012. We are waiting along with everybody.


Alt-team is an authorized CS-Cart reseller. With the official release, we will offer the lowest possible price for CS-Cart Pro 3.0 -  USD 276. Now, you can buy CS-Cart Pro 2.2.4 for USD 236 and upgrade it to new CS-Cart version for free after the release.

Changes made in the new version include:

Label designer software - online store software

March 21st, 2012
Design labels online

A label is a piece of material which gives some educational information or useful details about the labeled product.

The desire to label things becomes a growing trend in the modern world. Let's look around – nowadays, labels are used not only by different industries but also by people in their every day life. It's convenient and esthetic to label home-made products and keeping boxes or stick creative labels to bottle or food gifts. Many parents use child belongings labels to help kids not lose their things. There are also other types of popular labels - safety and warning labels, cd/dvd labels, address labels, promotional labels, etc.

Starting online clothing business with t-shirt design tool: benefits and difficulties

March 12th, 2012
Design clothes online

Online clothing business is a popular business model which definitely can bring good income. But competition in this niche market is rather high and sellers have to think over possibilities to make their business outstandingly better. A good solution here is to give customers a possibility to design their own clothes online (t-shirts, polos, hoodies, caps) and order them through a shopping cart. This functionality can be realized with the help of a special programming module — T-shirt design tool, also known as T-shirt maker or online t-shirt designer, which is possible to embed into an existing ecommerce platform or you can purchase ready-to-use T-shirt designer software to start online clothes business from scratch. If you hesitate in taking a decision, read ahead, this article is written to help you understand all advantages of starting online clothes business with t-shirt design tool and difficulties which you will face at the start.


Product designer: Interview with Matthew Randall

March 2nd, 2012
Matthew Randall
Matthew Randall

Alt-team was lucky to get an interview with Matthew Randall, the web manager of www.UniKeep.com website which offers smart solutions for keeping various types of products. One of distinguished features of UniKeep.com is “Create Your Own Binder” tool based on Product designer add-on developed by Alt-team.

Matthew Randall has more than 5 years experience in building and managing e-commerce websites and UniKeep.com is his youngest but already successful project which was specially redesigned for e-commerce and launched a little more than one month ago.

This interview was conducted with Matthew Randall via email March 1-st, 2012.

Sticker designer for building a custom stickers online store

February 16th, 2012

Bottle labels/Food stickers

In wide range of ecommerce ideas regarding starting an online store business, today we would like to highlight an idea of building a custom stickers online store. Sticker designer software by Alt-team company is a good choice in this direction because it includes a powerful shopping cart platform and functional Sticker design tool.

Before delving into details, let's answer the first question “What is a sticker?”.

What is a sticker?

There are three terms which are usually used interchangeably – sticker, label and decal. All of them have an adhesive layer and can be attached to some surface. But what is the difference?

Magento vs CS-Cart

February 3rd, 2012
Magento vs CS-Cart

What shopping cart platform to choose?” - this is the main question any online store owner faces. People who have ever tried to find an answer to this question know that there are lots of shopping cart solutions available in the market, so that a newbie can be completely lost in examining all of them. In this article we are not going to delve in pros and cons of “the best” solutions, we just would like to share our experience and knowledge about two ecommerce platforms – Magento and CS-Cart. Why? Working in ecommerce area for many years, we had a chance to test and compare different shopping carts and came to a conclusion that if you are going to start an ecommerce business and your goal is a product/feature rich, stable online store with lots of possibilities, you should take a close look at Magento and CS-Cart.

Choosing a printing technique for custom T-shirt printing business

January 23rd, 2012

Screen printing

Many of us have ever used paid printing services to get a custom T-shirt with desirable print. But are there many people who have ever thought about starting their own custom T-shirt printing business? If you are one of them, you should know about existence of different printing techniques, their advantages and disadvantages. This article is written to help you to choose a printing technique which suits your business best of all.

1. Screen printing (silkscreen, serigraph printing) is the traditional way to print your own T-shirts. This method supposes the usage of stencils (screens) which are pressed up against cloth to force ink onto material with mesh surface. Only one color at a time is applied, so, it's necessary to create a separate stencil for every color. It's possible to screen print only vector artwork.