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CS-Cart reviews

April 25th, 2011
CS-Cart reviews

This article is to sum up reviews about general CS-Cart features to give an idea about what CS-Cart is and what it is able to provide you with. As there are always different points of view about the same subject, we couldn't help citing two of them: developer's and customer's one.

What is CS-Cart?

The definition you give to things usually reflects your general idea and impression about the thing. So, what do people say when writing a review about CS-Cart:

Customer's point of view.

“CS-Cart is also very user friendly for the customer.” [2]

“Personally, my overall impression of CS Cart is very good...”[1]


What is E-commerce?

April 25th, 2011
What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce (commonly entitled as E-commerce) in its simplest interpretation is a new way of doing business by buying and selling services or products, that opens big perspectives in the market for any type of businesses.

In general, this term is used for all types of commercial transaction involving the transfer of information over the Internet or other computer networks.

E-commerce types

April 25th, 2011
E-commerce types

E-commerce types represent a range of various schemas of transactions which are distinguished according to their participants. Usually E-commerce is divided into three general most well-known types, but the notion is much wider. This article is a try to summarize all E-commerce types.

Schema 1: B2B or Business to Business is considered as one of the most perspective and extensively developing E-commerce trend nowadays. It refers to electronic commerce between businesses and also supplies chain technology, which is the largest and most successful e-commerce technology nowadays. The parties of B2B schema are "Business Partners". Internet platforms give an opportunity to considerably simplify all steps of the operations, make the trade more immediate. An example of a schema B2B is selling site templates to companies for using as a design base, besides any other interactions involving bulk deliveries are included. B2B means an established working relationship therefore it is a better solution to deliver comparing to B2C, although it needs to link together two complex accounting systems.

What is CS-Cart (history, features, editions)

April 25th, 2011
What is CS-Cart

CS-Cart, an E-commerce shopping cart software, was created by Simbirsk Technologies Ltd. CS-Cart represents a detached web application created for building and managing an E-commerce website of any size from a small online shop to a big virtual shopping mall with lots of different departments and product suppliers.

You can try CS-Cart demo version here.

A little history of CS-Cart

On August 1st, 2005 CS-cart has launched the demo version of the first product – CS-Cart version 1.3.0. Thereafter CS-Cart version 1.3.2, version1.3.3, version 1.3.4 and version 1.3.5 were released. Each of them improving the engine step by step and turning into what it is now.



E-commerce advantages

April 25th, 2011
E-commerce advantages

E-commerce has become so widely spread nowadays because it provides a number of benefits both to businesses and customers over the traditional methods of bartering goods and services.

For businesses

  • Global scale. The Internet allows to expand business and get to new markets.
  • Reducing expenses.
  • Improved communication between trading partners allows to ensure better and long-term relationships.
  • Business is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Lock in Customers. The big amount of rivals enforces business owners to be closer to customers to work more with them and to improve business all the time.
  • Reduced time. With quick electronic payments investment in advertising are returned faster than ever before.

  • Affordable E-commerce Solution

    April 25th, 2011

    Nowadays electronic commerce (hereafter - E-commerce) is becoming more and more widespread.

    Selling on-line provides new business opportunities and allows companies and individuals to sell goods and services online to a wide audience all over the world, providing a new way of doing business. If you have set a goal to expand business and to get to international market, then you need to open up the E-commerce field.

    At first starting out your own web store doesn't appear to be an easy task. Usually web store software requires specific expertise and programming knowledge. However there is an efficient E-commerce solution to ensure optimal functionality of your web store.

    CS-–°art is the best choice for E-commerce among web store software solutions available on the modern market. Without spending a fortune you get an opportunity to create a full-featured E-commerce website as CS-Cart software includes all the features you may need to launch and manage online shop though it is inimitable by it's ease in use.