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E-commerce blogs review

June 14th, 2011

About E-commerce blogs

Blog, a kind of information resource, has developed over the last years due to general availability of the Internet. A big amount of information is received by users through the global network and traditional mass media is losing its popularity.

In these conditions blogs are becoming more and more popular as a good way to get information, to discuss it. Nowadays there are various types of blogs: personal, corporate, themed, etc.

Together with the development of E-commerce E-commerce blogs appeared, as a source of information about electronic commerce, shopping carts and other.

E-commerce blogs can be divided into the following types:

Personal blogs. They are written by a professional in the field of E-commerce (developer, business owner, SEO specialist and etc.) The topics of such kind of blogs can concern not only business but also just life. However, this kind of blogs are very interesting because the authors share their experience, tell personal opinion and sometimes give some useful lessons.

Corporate or company blogs. This type of blogs is written by one or a group of experts working in the same company. They mainly contain official news and announcements related to the company's activity. Though some companies use blogs for promotion as well and create unique content which might attract visitors. As a result, some company blogs get popularity.

Professional blogs are written by a group of professional writers under the guidance of editor with the assistance of experts. This variety of E-commerce blogs gathers articles on a wide range of different topics.

Themed blogs represent a blog about some special E-commerce topic, usually written by one person in order to pick the whole range of information about some determined thing.

E-commerce blogs review

We have cited below a list of E-commerce blogs which seem to be most interesting and most popular over the Net with a short review.


E-commerce Consulting.com | Experts in Online Retail

The blog is written by Sally McKenzie is a 20-year veteran of the retail and online industries spanning brick & mortar, catalog and e-commerce channels. Sally helps companies of all sizes with merchandising, marketing, product development, website operations and strategic planning for the online world.

Our review: Really interesting articles with philosophical tendency about business and life.


This blog represents Elastic Path Software which offers a Java E-commerce platform, E-commerce consulting, full outsourcing, and implementation services to major global brands such as Symantec, Sony Ericsson, and Virgin Media.

Our review: Large blog covering lots of issues.

Michael S. Levy’s blog.

Michael Levy is a Senior Partner at Digitas & Publicis and Co-founder of PrivateOutlet.com. A blog about e-commerce trends and players, social commerce and Web social whatnots.

Our review: Bright and colorful blog with videos, searches and lots of interesting issues.

Practical Ecommerce

This blog is to help E-commerce merchants grow and prosper. It contains easy-to-follow articles, blogs, podcasts and newsletters, all delivered electronically. Its companion site EcommerceDeveloper.com publishes specialized content for developers, designers, and programmers of e-commerce sites.

Our review: Very "practical" blog.


ReadWriteWeb is one of the most popular technology blogs in the world, known for offering insightful analysis about each day's Internet industry news. Written by the whole team of authors.

Our review: A big amount of articles for all tastes and needs.

Here is a list of the most interesting blogs according to our opinion, if you have ideas what should be added to it, you're welcomed with your suggestions. Write the blog's name, its description, and your short review.

Please vote for your favorite blog and comment it.




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