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Features of Product Designer Software

December 28th, 2011

Product designer software is ready to use e-commerce solution representing a package with a powerful shopping cart platform CS-Cart Professional and flash-based custom design tool Product Designer add-on. By purchasing this package you will get a functional online store with all CS-Cart features for your successful online business along with the possibility for customers to personalize various types of products.

Below we are going to introduce all Product designer software features.

Product designer software features

4 available modes
T-shirt designer Sticker designer
for custom design of t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags, mobile phone skins, etc. T-shirt designer features include:  
  • multiple sides design (front, back, on a hood, on a sleeve, etc);
  • write/edit text, choose color, font, size;
  • alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation tools;
  • upload an image, photo;
  • add/edit clipart from a clipart gallery (created by administrator).
for vinyl graphics, lettering, and printing with the possibility to create various stickers such as car stickers, fun stickers, stickers for any occasion, labels, envelope stamps, etc. Sticker designer features:
  • one side design (front);
  • write/edit text, choose size, color, font;
  • alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation tools;
  • add/edit cliparts from a clipart gallery;
  • upload images form PC;
  • change sticker size in the storefront.
Engraving designer Fixed mode
for engraving and printing businesses, including engravings on pans, rings, memorials, awards, etc. Engraving designer features:
  • one side design;
  • write/edit text, choose a font, size;
  • text alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation tools.
is ideal for customizing products with fixed text or image position such as postcards, business cards, calendars, etc. Predefined templates are set by an administrator. Fixed mode features:
  • multiple sides design;
  • write/edit text, choose font if allowed by admin;
  • upload/edit images from PC;
  • choose clipart color.


  • Ability for administrator to generate .png and .pdf images for printing.
  • Ability for administrator to generate a printable image that includes both product side image and design elements, or only the design elements.
  • Customer can save his design on a product page and "My account" section and open it for further editing.
  • Ability for customers to save the design to PC.
  • If a customer adds the design to a shopping cart, he can retrieve it for editing from a shopping cart or at checkout.
  • Customers can send a link and the image of the created design to a friend.

Admin features

  • upload cliparts and images (please note, image resolution should be good enough for your product size), and create a category for them;
  • set cliparts for user groups;
  • upload fonts and create font categories;
  • create a palette of colors;
  • choose one of the product modes for a product: t-shirt, sticker, engraving or fixed;
  • upload product images available for design;
  • set product sides (front, back, hood, sleeve, etc.);
  • specify the drawing area (canvas) and dimensions of this area;
  • add more than one canvas per a product side;
  • create your own canvas shapes in .swf format;
  • set/edit price for products;
  • set a cost per character or per line for the text fields;
  • set a cost for a letter per space unit;
  • set a cost per square centimeter or per size for a customer's image (photo);
  • set a cost per item for images (photos);
  • set up the availability of the managing tools (alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation, corner radius tools);
  • switch between themes for the decor of Product designer;
  • view and edit customers' designed products on the order page.

Based on CS-Cart shopping cart system with advanced functionality and large number of features

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Intuitive admin panel
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • 50+ payment gateways
  • Block manager
  • Built-in affiliate system
  • Extended import/export
  • Flexible tax rate system
  • Gift Certificates
  • Inventory tracking
  • One-page checkout
  • Promotion options
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Return Management
  •  and much more 


We have released new Product Designer tool for CS-Cart in 2017!