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How fast-spreading CoronaVirus can affect on online retail in the world and in your country?

February 25th, 2020

There is the most fearful word at the beginning of 2020 - CoronaVirus (or COVID-19). Because of the coronavirus threat the authorities of some countries have already introduced extraordinary measures and blocked some megapolises by the army. It looks like a plot for a new apocalyptic film, but unfortunately, this is the reality in China, in South Korea and in Italy in February 2020.

Knowing the speed of spreading this coronavirus outbreak, we have to understand that the epidemic crisis hardly ever finishes in the listed places. See what experts says. At the moment the most effective way to prevent the disease spreading is the quarantine.


Let's look at how are people living changes under coronavirus quarantine and what they need mostly being at home all day long?

When you know that the virus has a human-to-human transmission, the most important principle of the quarantine is isolation. The most cheapest way for the government and the most convenient way of isolation for people is a home lockdown. In this case, people stay at home, working from home, having no guests and having a fresh air by opening a window or step out onto the balcony.

  • Where can they get food?
  • How do they earn money?
  • Can they learn via Internet?
  • What men and women usually do to entertain themselves when they have to stay at home for a long period?

We know that Wuhan Quarantine started on January, 23, 2020 and hasn't finished yet. Today is February, 25, 2020. These weekend a dozen of Italy towns were in lockdown after a growing cluster of virus cases. And nobody knows when the authorities lift the quarantine. 


Just imagine how people do shopping in lockdown cities? 

Due to reports, china's e-retails are busy amid the virus outbreak. And we won't write about the food delivery services. It's the obvious thing that when people can't go out for buying the food, they order it to their place. The high level of technology in China allows to test contactless delivery services by robots and drones in the Quarantine Zone. The precautionary measures because of the coronavirus attack stimulates using robots to cure the sick people in hospitals, to be waiters in buildings and hotels where people locked by a rapidly advancing epidemic.

The online sales of disinfectant, hair care accessories, face masks and massage chairs are increased rapidly during the virus outbreak. Citizens are afraid of crowded areas and they try to avoid public places such as shopping malls, business centres, sports events, concert halls, and theatres. If they have to leave the safe home place, they often use face masks and disinfectant. So when the crisis comes, the towns usually run out of these products. 


How to get these essential for "prisoner" life products, but not going out?

Internet helps. The Internet connects with the neighbours, friends, relatives and shop assistances that sell products, goods and organize delivery service to your place. Online shops are the best friends for you during this complex period of life. And it's great when a lot of "friends" are supplying you and your family.

When customers are sitting at home the only way to reach out to them is the Internet and the online store. While there is no emergency situation, the entrepreneurs have some time to make an eCommerce website, think out the Internet marketing strategy and win the online loyal customers.


How to lauch an online shop fastly? Lauch e-store with the help of the ready-to-use platform for eCommerce — CS-Cart!

CS-Cart — a shopping cart application that has powerful and flexible functionality and costs only USD 345.

It takes only few hours to install CS-Cart platform on hosting server, fill in product pages and lauch online store.  No problems with web design of future e-shop as several responsive themes are already in the box. CS-Cart is a feature-rich shopping cart that is popular all over the world and no dout CS-Cart MultiVendor edition is the best shopping cart solution for marketplaces creation.


Everyone agrees that coronavirus outbreak is a very very serious trouble and if it is impossible to get rid of it totally, all people should prepare to it. It will help to get throught the epidemic situation with the minimal losses.





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