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How to choose online business software

May 31st, 2011

In order to launch a business online you need to choose the right shopping cart software. When making a choice among wide range of online business software solutions existing nowadays, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What size is your business? That is really a big deal, as if you have a huge amount of products and shopping cart which isn't able to manage with it or vis-versa you risk to waste your time trying to set up webstore. There also can be occasions when you need to sell only a few products and expand your online business then, in this case choose the most flexible software able to sell any amount of products.

2. What kind of products/services are you going to sell? Books and, say, computers require different features from the software don't they? As well clothes or cosmetics. Choose your online business software depending on your product's features.

3. How are you going to deliver products? I mean the ways the customer will get their buyings. First of all, think about shipping methods and search for the online business software which provides you with the necessary options. There are also some other possibilities like downloadable products – CD disks for example. You may also want to sell not the whole CD but separate tracks. Generally speaking, consider all options you may need.

4. How will you accept payments? One of the last but not least issues to consider. You should arrange everything with payment methods before launching online business. Choose the software supporting payments methods which are most suitable for your business.

5. Is a shopping cart SEO-friendly? We all know that search engines prefer such links as http://your_domain.com/special-offer.html but not http://your_domain.com/index.php?mode=pages&page_id=1 Check your shopping cart for SEO-friendly possibility, it will allow you to promote your products easier.

6. Is it secure? Try to choose ecommerce platform which meets the latest security requirements. One of such requirements is PCI compliance. PCI Compliant shopping cart software guarantees a secure storage, processing and transaction of credit card data. Remember, you are going to deal with payments, security of your customers' data is a top priority here.

7. Will you get technical support? If you don't have technical knowledges, you may need professional or just help with your software. Search for the largest users' community, most detailed knowledge base and of course, most responsive technical support provided by online business software developer company.

After all remember that online business software is a vital decision for your future webstore.


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