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How to create and use a color option


How to create a color option?

Color option will allow your customers to choose the color of a customizable product. It's a convenient option for such products as t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and other products which can have different colors.

1. In order to create a color option, please log in to your admin panel and go to Products -> Products -> Edit your product -> "Options" tab.

2. After clicking "Options" tab on your product editing page you will see "Add option" button. Click "Add option" button and fill out the form under the General tab. See the example below:

Creating a color option

Name – Name of the product option as it appears in the customer area.

Position – Position of the product option relatively to the position of the other options in the list.

Inventory – If selected, the option has a separate number of items in stock, which is tracked separately.

Type – Type of the product option: Select box, Radio group, Check box, Text, Text area or File. For creating a color option, choose a select box. After that open the "Variants" tab in the same window. Complete the Name input field (e.g. White). In the Modifier input field, if you wish you can set the price that will be added to the product price if this option is selected. To add more variants, click on the Add empty item icon.

Option variants

Description – Description of the product option as it appears in the customer area under the question sign (?) next to the option name.

Comment – Comment which will be shown below the option in the customer area.

Required - If selected, this option will be mandatory for selection.

Missing variants handling - After creating the option, please edit this option and you will see the select box next to "Missing variants handling" parameter:

  • Display message - the option will be marked as not available, if the option is mandatory (see the previous setting) customers will not be able to add the product to the cart;
  • Hide option completely - the option will be hidden, if the option is mandatory (see the previous setting) customers will be able to add the product to the cart.

Click Create button. 

Now, your color option is created and you should go to the "Product designer" tab to specify images for each color option variant.


How to use a color option for a customizable product?

After creating a color option, please go to the "Product designer" tab on the product editing page. 

You will see your created color option on Product designer tools display panel. See the example below:

Color option display

Now you should add a product side for each color option variant.

Note! Before adding a product side you have to upload additional images of your product for each color. You can do it on product editing page -> "Images" tab.

Follow the following steps to add a product side for each color option variant:

1. Press "Add product side" button. "Add product side" window will pop up:

Choose a product side for color variant

2. If necessary, enter the product side name.

3. From the drop down list near "Color" choose the necessary color variant.

4. Choose the corresponding image.

5. Press "Add empty item" button Add empty item to add more variants.

6. Again, choose the necessary color variant and the corresponding image. Use scrolling to find the necessary image. See below:

Add more items and choose the color variant and the corresponding image

7. Press "OK" button.

Note! If you have different product side images of the same color (in our example - front and back images), choose front images first and then press "OK" button. Then repeat all steps (1-7) for back images, etc.

8. After adding all product sides, don't forget to press "Save" button which is located in the left down corner of the "Product designer" tab screen.

Now, you and your customers can choose the necessary color from the "Color" select box and get the corresponding image on the screen. See how it works in the customer area (you choose blue color and see a blue t-shirt on the screen):

Customer area, change color