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How to set colors to canvas and elements?

What is a color palette?

A color palette is a range of colors you can use while product customizing process. You can create as many color palettes as you want. In addition, you can specify what color palette refers to: text, cliparts, special cliparts and etc. You can adjust these color palettes according to your demands.

How to create a color palette?

Go to Website -> Product Designer -> "Color palette" to create the color scheme. 

Press the Plus button,

fill out all fields in the appeared window,

Name - the name of your new color palette (ex. you can create the harsh colors palette or the pastel colors palette. The division to basic and art colors is also the useful method to make the color schemes more user-friendly and convenient. Such colors as white, black, green, blue, red can be in the basic palette and the colors: indigo, coral, aqua, navy can be included in the art palette.)

Position - The order of displaying (position of the color palette relatively to the position of the other color palettes).

Status - Active - the color palette is available to work with; Disabled - unavailable to work with.

Press Create button to create a color palette.

Once a color palette/color palettes is/are created, add colors to your palettes. (See the next step How to add colors in the palette?)

Press Save button.


How to add colors in the palette?

Colors are specified as an RGB triplet in hexadecimal format with a color picker.

In the admin panel, go to Website ->HTML5 Product designer -> "Colors".

Or just click "Colors" in the right-hand menu, if you have already opened the section HTML5 Product Designer. On this page, you can edit/delete colors and choose a color status (Active or Disabled).

Click "Plus" button to add a new color.

Fill out the following fields:

Name - Make up a name for a color or use the official color names.

Color - Click the color button and pick the color from a table or use a color picker, that is located on the right. Also, you can enter the hex code in the field and the required color will be displayed at once. Click on the "choose" button to save the selected color.

Color palettes - Your created color palettes will be displayed here. Tick color palettes to which you would like to assign this color. You may choose several color palettes at once.

Position - define the place of a new color in the list of all colors.

Status - Active - the color will be visible to users; Disabled - the color will not be visible.

Press Create button to create the color.


Where can I set up a color palette for fonts, cliparts, sticker backgroud?

If you have already created a product for personalization, you can set up a color palette for fonts, cliparts and sticker background. You can set up one of your created color palettes in HTML5 Product designer tools display panel.

You can see Product designer tools display panel in the admin panel on editing product page -> "HTML5 Product designer" tab.

See below how HTML5 Product designer tools panel looks like:

Font color - you can choose one of your created color palettes from the drop down list which is located next to "Font color". Colors from a chosen palette will be available for the changing of a font color.

Clipart color - click "Add art" tab on the Product designer tools panel and you will see "Clipart color" element. Choose the necessary color palette from the drop down list and you/customers will be able to change a clipart color using colors from a chosen palette.

Background color - this element appears in "Add text" tab if  the "Sticker" mode is chosen. Choose the necessary color palette and you/customers will be able to change a sticker background color using colors from a chosen palette.


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    This instruction refers to our CS-Cart module Product Designer maker.

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