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JAMstack Ecommerce website

Want a fast and secure online store? Build this store on JAMstack approch.

Our team of developers will help you to create the website using JAMstack technology. 


What is JAMstack approach to website building?

JamStack is a modern way of doing websites. It’s not a program or a product. It’s a mixture of different independent systems, each of them is responsible for its range of tasks. One system is responsible for the frontend (Gatsby js), another system is responsible for the backend (Contentful or Storyblok). There are cases when the developers share the backend processes between two or even three systems to reach the result in high-speed websites that are a pleasure to work on.


Why should you use JAMstack?


There are some fasts about JAMStack advantages:

  • Keeping all pages on CDN helps us to get the max speed in page loading for the final website visitor.

  • We use the innovative frameworks for the frontend development: Gatsby or NextJS.  (Read more about Headless CMS) Both of these frameworks have a set of tools that reduce the size of the images, styles and scripts. It moves the site to the green zone of Page Speed Insights service. In common cases, it has a good effect on SEO and on Google page ranking.

  • CDN can be stable in case of any load and any number of website visitors. If you launch the advertisement campaign, your website should be prepared for the traffic increase. Otherwise you risk losing money on ads.

  • Low price of the hosting. Special hostings are used for such frontends. These hostings include keeping the code generator and CDN. Example: Netlify, Vercel, Cloudflare. Pay attention that Netlify offers a free of charge plan if the traffic is less than 100GB and the content generation takes less than 300 minutes per month.

We suggest you move your online store to this new JamStack architecture. As a result you will have a fast loading website and we can guarantee that your website will be in the green zone in such services like: Google Page Speed.

         Remember that Google likes speedy websites and ranks the pages of such sites higher in SERPs.

Regarding MultiVendor CMS use, you can also use it. But you will need only admin and vendor’s panels. In other words, you can add all website content using CS-Cart MultiVendor CMS.

Example of the JamStack website

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"Thank you Alt-team for your work. I have worked with these developers for 2 years. They always meet all deadlines and we have had no problems with this team. Definitely can recommend this agency and their development. "

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