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Margin Statistics modification

Margin Statistics modification counts the absolute profit margin on sales according to the supplier/purchase price and the online store product price. 


  • Ability to add a supplier/purchase price on the product editing page and in a products list for bulk update.

  • Ability to choose what order statuses will be used by statistics.

  • Absolute profit margin is counted based on the supplier/purchase price and the product price specified by the administrator.

  • Statistics can be viewed on editing product page, on order details page, on customer's profile page, on a separate admin page (Orders-> Margin statistics).

  • You can see what product, category or user brings you the most profit.

How does it work

After the modification installation you will need to go to Orders → Statuses → Click Edit next to the necessary status (for example, Completed)→ tick the "Use in statistics" checkbox. Margin statistics will be calculated for products that are sold in the store and the orders for these products have this status (Completed).

To see the absolute profit that brings you a certain product, go to the editing product page → “Margin statistics” tab. You will be able to see:

  • “Today margin” – absolute profit on sales of this product today;
  • a table showing absolute profit margin per every month of the year;
  • total margin for this product for a current year.

To see the absolute profit margin that gave you a certain order, go to the order details page. In "Margin statistics" tab you will see a total margin that gave you this order without a shipping fee.

To see the absolute profit margin that brings you a certain customer, go to the customer's profile page. You will be able to see: 

  • total margin that brought you this customer per the current year/month;
  • top 10 products margin for this customer.

You can view more statistics in the admin back-end in Orders → Margin statistics. Here you can see:

  • top 20 products absolute profit (profit per each product) for a selected time period. You may expand up to 50 products.
  • top 20 categories absolute profit (profit per each category) for a selected time period. You may expand  to all categories.
  • top 20 customers that brought your the most profit for a selected time period.
  • user groups absolute profit for a selected time period. Also, it is possible to see the best customers margins inside a user group  (not more than 10 best customers).
  • total absolute profit on sales for the selected time period.

The initial cost of this modification was $340. Now we are ready to implement this modification for CS-Cart 2.2.x - 3.0.x versions for $240.

Please notice!

The modification price will be different from the stated above, if you use CS-Cart v.4.

We do not sell this modification as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store that is why it requires individual adjustment. 

Contact us if you are interested in such a modification. It will be priced cheaper than initially.


Pay attention to our ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart software.





"Dear Glen, profit margin can be set for the whole product only. I will have to disappoint you again but option price modifiers are not supported by this modification."

"Does this addon support product options which have price modifiers? For instance, the supplier cost of a XXXL shirt is higher than a XL shirt - will I be able to calculate margin for such an item?"

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