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New CS-Cart 4.10 is up at last! Features review

May 31st, 2019

Dear CS-Cart Fans,

CS-Cart has released the new CS-Cart 4.10 version with a long list of changes! Let's make a review what has been changed and why the new features will help you in online trade!


There are 3 major changes in CS-Cart 4.10 version:

  1. New checkout page
  2. Variation module is a live release, not beta!
  3. New add-on for customer pickup service!


New checkout page in CS-Cart.

Several steps checkout is an attribute of old-fashioned ecommerce cms and it leads to high procent of the abandoned cart. It's was a hard passionate debates between cs-cart developers and cs-cart shop owners how the new single page checkout should be look like. In the result the candidate release has a great success on this issue and cs-cart specialists can meeet all customer's demands. 

Just compare old and new checkout process

Old checkout

old checkout cs-cart

Each tab was opened on the click.


New CS-Cart single checkout page.

new single page checkout cscart

As you see all tabs are opened at once, the customer can fill them up not in order. There is no subsequence and when the customer chooses city the price can be changed automatically if the final cost depends on this information. 

More other, the CS-Cart store admin can move blocks on checkout page as it's required for the business. It's really cool, as each online store has it's own features in business processes so, now cs-cart platform is perfect for every item online sale. 

how to change cs-cart checkout

You see blocks: Deliver to, Shipping methods, Customer, Address, Customer information, Customer's note, Payment methods, Terms and Conditions. The shop administrator has an ability to place these blocks as they need. 


Variations 2.0. — live release.

First variations add-on appeared in the beginning of the 2018 year as a beta module. Since this time, customers were testing it and asking for final release as they understood that it's a useful feature for SEO and for online sale of physical goods. So, a year later CS-Cart developers entered the necessary changes in the core of the platform and released Variantions add-on from the beta stage in 4.10. version.

What is variations? Why it's good for SEO?

Product variations are separate products that are grouped as a one main product on the base of general model (model X) but taking into consideration the color, size, material and other options of products. For instance, let’s assume that you sell chairs model X. They come in 5 colors (white, black,red, green, blue,) and with 3 types of upholsery fabric (leather, velvet, linen). In this case chair model X would be a product, and red velvet chair would be one of the product variations. There are 15 different product  variantions in the example. 

Product variation has it's own url that's great for SEO. It's easier to appear on SERP's top with key word in url.

Moreover, product variations are very flexible. The store admin can assign special price, upload many images, manage separate shipping services and features for each product variation. 

If the product variation is out of stock, the customer can subscribe on notifications when the product is in stock. 

In CS-Cart 4.10 version import/export process has become more user-friendly. There is no need to make 3 cvs files to import/export product and option combinations. No you need only one file for import/export products and its variations. No mess, no place for the mistakes! It's really wonderful.

One more pluses of new CS-Cart 4.10 version is the ability to see all variations on the catalogue page.

CS-Cart 4.10 variantions

Pay attention to the blue t-shirt on the image above. Blue t-shirt is a variantion of the product t-shirt.

Now. it's very convenient for the user on website to see all variants of one product from the catalogue page and buy it. 


At last, the store admin can setup the customer pick-up service more accurate. 

New add-on "Stores and Pickup Points" allows the store admin creates different pickup points and connected with them delivery rate zone s in one place in admin panel. 


Finally, about the CS-Cart prices!

*This is a 1-year CS-Cart upgrade subscription.
Once you purchase it, you’ll be receiving new CS-Cart software versions for free during one year.
Then, you’ll need to extend the subscription for one year more.




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